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    Finding Trigonometric Functions with a Graphs

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    Match the attached functions with their graphs.

    Thank you..

    Match the function with its graph. Which is the correct answer?
    1) y = 1 + sin x 2) y = 1 + cos x
    3) y = -1 + sin x 4) y = -1 + cos x




    1A, 2D, 3C, 4B

    1A, 2B, 3C, 4D

    1A, 2C, 3D, 4B

    1B, 2D, 3C, 4A

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    The answer is the last one: 1B 2D 3C 4A

    cosx is an even function which is symmetric to the y-axis. Then ...

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    This shows how to match functions with their graphs. Trigonometric functions are found with a graph.