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Kinematics and Linear Relationships

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Please question #4 completely with detailed solutions and explain 6c with no details left out please (in attached file). From 2 to 4 seconds, the acceleration is positive. Please go from position, to velocity, to acceleration graphs, and determine the changes. Use numbers, explain speeding up and down, and what the curves are doing in each graph.

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The answer addresses the relationships between velocity, acceleration, time, and position. By looking at the slope of each graphs, and how the x and y values moves, the changes are established.

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The area under the curve of Acceleration vs. Time (diagram attached) is the change in the velocity. However, in this diagram, there is no area under the curve, so there is no change in the velocity. If there is no change in the velocity, then it must remain at the same value as it was, when t=0, or the initial velocity that is ...

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