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Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration Graphs

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Problem 1: The plot show x position vs time of a mass on a spring. Acceleration between t = 2 and 4 sec is positive. Why? From 2 to 3 sec, what is acceleration? From 3 to 4 seconds, what is the acceleration?

Problem 2: Position of a car is r(t) = ((v_x)(t-3))i-hat - (r_y)j-hat - (a_z)t^2(k-hat), where v_x = 4,/s. r_y = 1.5m, and a_z = 3m/s^2. At what time is the speed equal to 5m/s?

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To solve this kind of problem, we should begin with deriving the equation of motion from graph. It is obvious that the graph is sinusoidal with phase = 0 with a general form,

x Asin(Bwt)

where A and B are constant. ...

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