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Two cars, moving at right angles, collide. Find x and y components of velocity

See ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram. A Chevrolet whose weight Wc= 2700 lb is moving at Vc = 40 mi/hr at 0 degrees. A Bronco whose weight Wb= 3600 lb is moving at Vb = 60 mi/hr at 270 degrees. The vehicles crash and lock together then move as a unit. a. On the diagram, (not to scale) show all the given data. b. Showing u

Rotational Kinematics

A solid sphere of uniform density starts from rest and rolls without slipping a distance of d = 4.2 m down a q = 23° incline. The sphere has a mass M = 4.1 kg and a radius R = 0.28 m. a) Of the total kinetic energy of the sphere, what fraction is translational? b) What is the translational kinetic energy of the sphere when i

7 Physics problems: Kinetic Energy, work, force, magnitude, speed

1. A luge and its rider, with a total mass of 85 kg emerges from a downhill track onto a horizontal straight track with an initial speed of 37 m/s. If they stop at a constant deceleration of 2.0 m/s^2, (a) What magnitude F is required for the deceleration force, (b) what distance "d" do they travel while decelerating (c) what wo

Vectors and velocity of cannonballs projected upward and forward

See attached Word file. The pictures show cannonballs of two different masses projected upward and forward. The cannonballs are projected at various angles above the horizontal, but all are projected with the same vertical component of velocity. Which of the following statements are true about the situations depicted in t

Rod and mass system: Find velocity and tensions in the rod.

A rigid rod with negligible mass has a length L= 2.6 m. The rod can rotate freely about a fixed pivot at one end. Attached at the other end of the rod is mass M1 = 8.4 kg, and at its center is mass M2 = 3.6 kg. The system is released from vertical at rest to rotate about the pivot. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing parame

Projectile motion

A projectile is fired in such a way that its horizontal range is equal to three times its maximum height. What is the angle of projection?

Boat leaves one bank of a river so as to arrive downstream across river.

SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing known parameters. A boat leaves one bank of a river and heads in such a direction as to arrive at a point downstream and across the river. A certain river is 2000 meters wide and flows Southward at 6.2 m/sec. The boat's speed relative to the water is 15 m/sec. From a point on the Wes

Physics: 8 word problems about velocity, distance, rotation, volume, time, speed

Until 1883, every city and town in the US kept its own local time. Today, travelers reset their watches only when the time change equals 1.0h. How far, on the average must you travel in degrees of longitude until your watch must be reset by 1.0h? (hint: Earth rotates 360 degrees in about 24 hours ) Gold, which has a mass of

A wave is generated and moves along a taut wire

See attached file. One end of a taut wire moved up and down with SHM generates a wave moving to the right along the wire. A 'primed' axis system, (x', y'), moving along with the wave, gives the x',y' coordinates of points on the wave as shown in ATTACHMENT #1. The wave's amplitude is ym', its velocity is v, and its wavelengt

Traveling waves represented as a sine curve

Some parameters which all traveling waves have include its wavelength (lambda), period T, wave speed v, amplitude ym, etc. ATTACHMENT #1 is a diagram of a typical wave, a sine curve, with points A, B, etc. identifying various points and lengths of a wave. PART a. On ATTACHMENT #1, in the spaces shown after the parameters listed

Object of mass 2M moving with SHM: Find period, velocity, amplitude

SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for diagram showing parameters, and general equations of SHM. Driven by a spring with force constant k, on a horizontal frictionless table, two joined masses, each mass M, is executing SHM between xm and -xm. Known parameter values are: M= 2 kg, k= 64 nt/m, xm= .25 m, PART a. Find the period, and max

Velocity of a falling object is measured.

A construction worker on a new high-rise building drops a wrench and it falls 78.4 m to the ground. How fast is it moving when it hits, assuming no air resistance? Use g = 9.8 m/s2.

Bernoulli's equation determines ejection velocity of liquid from a tank.

Bernoulli's equation determines ejection velocity of liquid from a tank. Motion equations find x,y coordinates of impact of the liquid. A large tank contains non-viscous liquid whose depth is H. A bullet punches a small hole of radius r in the vertical side of the tank at a point which is distance h below the liquid surface.

Bernoulli's equation of continuity in liquid flow from large to smaller pipe

See attachment #1 for diagram. Bernoulli's equation and equation of continuity in liquid flow from large to smaller pipe A sprinkler supply pipe pumps water upward from a larger pipe, diameter d2=.28 m, to a smaller pipe, diameter d1= .12 m. The velocity of the water through the smaller pipe is v1= 6 m/sec. a. find the

Dynamics and Velocity

Please provide me with a complete/comprehensive solution in word or in text to the attached problems.

Finding the ratio between two velocities down a ramp.

A marble and a cube are placed at the top of a ramp. Starting from rest at the same height, the marble rolls and the cube slides (no kinetic friction) down the ramp. Find the ratio of the center-of-mass speed of the cube to the center-of-mass speed of the marble at the bottom of the ramp.

Speed of a bullet measured using ballistic pendulum !

A simple way to measure the speed of a bullet is with a ballistic pendulum. This consists of a wooden block mass, M, into which the bullet mass, m, is shot. The block is suspended from cables of length, l, and the impact of the bullet causes it to swing through a maximum angle, A. The initial speed of the bullet is v. a) How

Mechanics: moment of inertia, projectiles

1)a.A grind stone of 0.1m thick,1m of diameter and a relative density of 2.53 find-moment of inertia+ radius of gyration. b)A gun is fired at a target 12km away at an angle of 35deg and hits target.How long is the projectile in the air and what's it's velocity? need complete step by step answer,thanks..

Solution of Relative Velocity Problem

Relative Velocity Problem Consider a boat on the West bank of a river of width D=1664 meters to be at the origin of an x,y axis system with the 0° direction East along the +x axis. The river water runs South with velocity vector W= 3.9 m/sec at 270°. At coordinates (1200, -390) is a dock on an island. At coordinates (16

Physics Problems Kinematics, Acceleration

Show all steps in computation. 1) A VW RAbbit can go from rest to 80.5 km/h (50.0 mi/h) in a modest 8.20 s. How long will it take to speed from 48.3 km/h to 64.4 km/h, along a straight run, if the average acceleration is the same as before? 2)During a takeoff a small plane has an average tangential acceleration of 5.0 m/s^2

Derive expressions for the velocity in outer and inner regions

Assume blood flow down a long tube may be thought of as the flow of two immiscible fluids, one in the core of the tube (modeled as normal whole blood) and the other as a cell-free layer near the wall (modeled as plasma). Assume the cell-free layer has a thickness x, the tube has a radius R, the blood viscosity is u_b and the pla

Using differentiation to describe the motion of an object launched upwards.

Questions are taken from the course book 'Physics with modern physics', Richard Wolfson & J. M. Pasachoff. A model rocket is launched straight upward; its altitude as a function of time is given by y = bt-ct^2, where b=68 m/s, c=4.9 m/s, t is the time in seconds, and y is in meters. (a) Use differentiation to find a ge