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    3 Problems: Force, Motion, Vectors, Relative velocity

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    10. Two circus elephants, Bessie and Maybelle, are dragging a large container, as shown below. If Bessie pulls with a force of 2200 lbs. and Maybelle with a force of 1500 lbs, and the container moves along the dashed line, what is the angle?
    The container is behind both Bessie and Maybelle. The angle from Bessie is 24 degrees to the center line and the angle form the center line to Maybelle is 0 degrees

    11. A plane flies in the direction 120 degrees ( this is the navigation angle...the angle you want to use is equivalent to -30 degrees) with an air speed of 300mph. The wind is blowing from north to south at 40 mph. Find the resultant speed of the plane.

    12. In your search for the second quadrant, you come across a small box that is labeled"how to pass precalculus". This box, since it contains a large amount of knowledge, cannot be lifted from the ground. A rope is attached to the box, so you pull on the rope with a force of 50 lbs. Mrs. Miller comes alon and (because it is obviously her goal for you to fail pre-calculus) pulls on another rope with a force of 95 lbs. (although she is quite small, she is strong). The two ropes make an angle of 75 degrees with each other. What is the resultant movement of the box?

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