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    Newton's 2nd Law - Kinetics

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    Dynamics 12.8

    A car has been traveling up along a 2 percent grade at a constant speed of 55 miles/hr. If the driver does not change the setting of the throttle or shift gears as the car reaches the top of the hill, what will be the acceleration of the car as it starts moving down the 3 percent grade?

    Dynamics 13.7

    A 24-lb package is placed with no initial velocity at the top of a chute. Knowing that the coefficient of kinetic friction between the package and the chute is 0.25, determine:

    a) How far the package will slide on the horizontal portion of the chute
    b) The maximum velocity reached by the package
    c) The amount of energy dissipated due to friction between A and B

    Dynamics Problem 12.5

    Determine the maximum theoretical speed that may be achieved over a distance of 50 meters by a car starting from rest, knowing that the coefficient of static friction is 0.80 between the tires and the pavement. Assume four-wheel drive.

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    Dynamics 12.8

    A car has been traveling up along ...

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