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    Rotation: Moment of inertia and angular velocity.

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    1.) A thin, 80.0 disk with a diameter of 9.00 rotates about an axis through its center with 0.220 of kinetic energy.
    What is the speed of a point on the rim?

    2.) A 3.0-m-long rigid beam with a mass of 100 kg is supported at each end. An 80 kg student stands 2.0 m from support 1. How much upward force does support 1 exert on the beam?

    3.) The 20-cm-diameter disk in the figure can rotate on an axle through its center.
    What is the net torque about the axle? In Nm

    4.) A 1.0 kg ball and a 2.0 kg ball are connected by a 1.0-m-long rigid, massless rod. The rod is rotating cw about its center of mass at 20 rpm.
    What torque will bring the balls to a halt in 5.0 s? in Nm

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