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Momentum and Impulse inquiry

While being thrown, a net force of 132 N acts on a baseball (mass = 140 g) for a period of 4.5 X 10^-2 seconds. The balls initial velocity is zero before leaving the pitchers hand. When the batter hits the ball, a net force of 1320 N, opposite the direciton of the balls initial motion, acts on the ball for 9 X 10^-3 seconds du

Average Velocity of a Bird's Flight

A bird flies north at 20 m/s for 30 seconds. It rests for 18 seconds and then flies east at 25 m/s for 32 seconds. Find the average velocity for the entire trip and the direction headed.

Particle Completing a Revolution

A charged particle with a charge-to-mass ratio of q/m = 6.0E8 C/kg travels on a circular path that is perpendicular to a magnetic field whose magnitude is 0.71 T. How much time does it take for the particle to complete one revolution? Answer in seconds.

Disk Angular Velocity

Please see attachments. ans. A)Wbd = 4.38 rad/sec curving down; Vd = .306 m/sec up. B) Wbd = 0; Vd = 1.05 m/sec down. C) Wbd = 4.38 rad/sec curving up; Vd = .306 m/sec down.

Impact Restitution Velocity

Please see attachments to view the question. I am not too sure what calculations I need to perform in order to get the right value.


Please see the attached files for full problem description. (Note weight is pounds force not pounds mass) Given that, Maximum Allowable impulsive force = 0.8 lb. Sec, and asked you to calculate what' s the max velocity that can be achieved through this force

Projectile motion

Please see the attachment. Please use very basic physics on this. Like the range equation, not mgh or kinetic or potential energy. Thanks.

Two-dimensional motion

In two-dimensional motion, such as projectile motion, we can write the acceleration as: a=gj (this is vector j) This implies what about the velocity and displacement of the projectile?

Components of Vectors

An airplane flies at 65 meters per second in a direction 149 degrees counterclockwise from east. What are the east and north components of the plane's velocity? The book's answer is: -200 m/s for its east velocity and 120 m/s for its north velocity. Can you confirm whether this is correct and show its solution? The book does

Magnetic Field: Force on a particle of charge

A particle of charge 6e enters a region containing a magnetic field with a velocity of 7.5 X 105 m/s that is perpendicular to the field. There is a force on the particle of 6.84 X 10-13 N. Find the magnetic field T.

Circular Motion and gravitational attraction

1. If a car goes around a curve at half the speed, the centripetal force on the car is... a.) twice as big. b.) four times as big. c.) half as big. d.) one-fourth as big. 2. What is the gravitational force between two trucks, each with a mass of 2.0 x 10^4 kg, that are 2.0 m apart? 3. The gravitational

Physics problems involving sound waves

Physics questions The expression given below represents a transverse harmonic wave travelling along a string which is stretched along the horizontal x-axis. The expression yields the transverse wave displacement y in metres when x is entered in metres and the time t in seconds. For 1 mark each, answer the following q


Hi. Can someone please show me how to do the following problem: "An 11.2 g object moving to the right at 21.3 cm/s makes an elastic head-on collision with a 17.3 g object moving in the opposite direction at 31.5 cm/s. What is the velocity of the 11.2 g object after the collision? (positive is to the right)" Thank you!

Two cars, moving at right angles, collide. Find x and y components of velocity

See ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram. A Chevrolet whose weight Wc= 2700 lb is moving at Vc = 40 mi/hr at 0 degrees. A Bronco whose weight Wb= 3600 lb is moving at Vb = 60 mi/hr at 270 degrees. The vehicles crash and lock together then move as a unit. a. On the diagram, (not to scale) show all the given data. b. Showing u