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Classical Mechanics - Velocity of a bullet and a Bicyclist

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A passenger at rest on a flatbed train car fires a bullet straight up. The event is viewed by observers at rest on the station platform as the train moves past the platform with constant velocity. What is the trajectory of the bullet as described by the observers on the platform?

A a straight horizontal path in the direction of the train's velocity
B a straight vertical path up and down
C a circular path centered on the gun
D a straight diagonal path
E a parabolic path

A bicyclist is riding at a constant speed along a straight-line path. The rider throws a ball straight up to a height a few meters above her head. Ignoring air resistance, where will the ball land?

A behind the rider
B in front of the rider
C in the same hand that threw the ball
D in the opposite hand to the one that threw it
E This cannot be determined without knowing the speed of the rider and the maximum height of
the ball.

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Two questions: one regarding a bullet fired straight up from a flatbed car and another regarding a bicyclist that throws a ball upwards while riding.