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Dynamics (Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration)

2 practice quiz problems which I need help on. Please give explanation of each problem as well as the answer:

1) Member AB rotates about pin A at a constant 10 rad/s. What is the acceleration of point C at the instant shown?
a) 13.4m/s^2
b) 7.51m/s^2
c) 17.2 m/s^2
d) 11.5 m/s^2
e) 9.63 m/s^2

2) Wheel A rotates counterclockwise at an angular velocity and acceleration of 3 rad/s and 1.5 rad/s2, respectively. What is the angular acceleration of bar BC?
a) .267 rad/s^2 (clockwise)
b) .500 rad/s^2 (clockwise)
c) .167 rad/s^2 (clockwise)
d) .423 rad/s^2 (clockwise)
e) .333 rad/s^2 (clockwise)

*Please see attachment for diagrams and figures!


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