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Block-Bullet System

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A 3.16 kg block of wood rests on the muzzle opening of a vertically oriented rifle, the stock of the rifle being firmly planted on the ground. When the rifle is fired, an 8.10 g bullet (velocity = 850 m/s, straight upward) becomes completely embedded in the block.
(a) Using the conservation of linear momentum, find the velocity of the block/bullet system immediately after the collision.
(b) Ignoring air resistance, determine how high the block/bullet system rises above the muzzle opening of the rifle.

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Step-by-step computations leading to the answers regarding the block-bullet system is provided.

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Before the collision, only the bullet carries a velocity, so the initial momentum will be:
pi = 0.0081 kg * 850 m/s = 6.885 kg m/s

Let us say that the velocity of the block/bullet system ...

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