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    Physics: Momentum and Speed

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    Question: A 5.00 g bullet is fired with a velocity of 109.5 m/s toward a 8.35 kg stationary solid block resting on a friction less surface.

    (a) What is the change in momentum of the bullet if it is embedded in the block?

    (b) What is the change in momentum of the bullet if it ricochets in the opposite direction with a speed of 99 m/s?

    (c) In which case does the block end up with a greater speed?

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    a) Initial momentum of the bullet = 0.005 x 109.5 = 0.548 kg.m/s

    Initial momentum of the block = 0

    As the bullet gets embedded in the block, the velocity of both will be the same after the collision. Let the common speed be v.

    Momentum of the block + bullet after collision = (8.35+0.005)v

    As per the law of conservation of ...

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