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    Solving for Temperature

    Question: Both the pressure and volume of a given sample of an ideal gas double. This means that its temperature in kelvins must. a. Quadruple b. Reduce to one fourth its original value c. Reduce to one half its original value d. Remain unchanged. e. Double

    Consider a flat steel plate

    Consider a flat steel plate with a hole through its center. when the plates temperature is decreased, the whole will a. expand b. expand if it takes up less than half the plates surface area c. contract only if it takes up more than half the plates surface area d. contract

    Matrix inversion; temperature node distribution

    Please show all the work. The matrix inversion method has to be shown in detail, the formula used in the class for temperature node distribution was Tm+1,n + Tm-1, n + Tm, n+1 + Tm, n-1 ? 4Tm,n =0 (where ?m? is the X?axis and ?n? is the Y-axis) Please see attachment for problem. Thanks.

    Manufacturing Processes

    1. Explain why studying the types of chips produced is important in understanding cutting operations. 2. Tool life can be almost infinite at low cutting speeds. Would you recommend that all machining be done at low speeds? Explain. 3. Explain the consequences of allowing temperatures to rise to high levels in cutting? 4. What

    Stoichiometric Combustion and Typical Jet Turbine Combustion

    Determine, using the chemical balance equations, the stoichiometric fuel:air ratio for the complete combustion of C12H26 in air of 21% Oxygen, 78% nitrogen. Using this value of AFR, determine the combustion temperature rise for a typical gas turbine (T2 = 250C). Note the two charts provide different ranges on the vertical and

    Increasing the Temperature of a Gas

    Please provide some assistance solving this problem. Question: If a house has insulated walls, and it contains a volume of 100 m^3 of air at 300 K, what is the energy required to increase the temperature of this diatomic gas by 2 degrees Celsius?


    At what temperature is the Fahrenheit value equal to the temperature in Kelvins?

    Tire pressure and temperature

    The pressure of an automobile tire is measured to be 200 kPa (gage) before a trip and 220 kPa (gage) after the trip at a location where the atmospheric pressure is 90 kPa. If the temperature of air in the tire before the trip is 25 °C, the air temperature after the trip is?

    Vapour Pressure and mass of water vapor

    A room is filled with saturated moist air at 30oC and a total pressure of 100 kPa. If the mass of dry air in the room is 100 kg, the mass of water vapor is:

    Temperature of an Expanded Gas

    If 2.0 liters of a gas origninally at 2.0 atm and 300 K is expanded to 5.0 liters at 1.0 atm what is its new temperature?

    Solving for Pressure

    Question: An automobile tire is pumped up to an absolute pressure of 33 lb/in^2, with air at a temperature of 40.0 degrees Fahrenheit. After driving for several hours, the temperature in the tire reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Find the pressure in the tire at that point in SI units.

    Volume of a balloon

    A large, aluminumized-Mylar balloon contains 1.000 m^3 of helium when filled outdoors at 0 degrees C on a winter's day. What will its volume be at home at 20 dgrees C?

    Calculating volume

    A chamber sealed with a moveable piston contains 5.50 litres of hydrogen at 28 degrees C and 81.3 kPa. What would its new volume be at STP?


    A 1.00-m^3 tank is filled with nitrogen gas to a gauge pressure of 20.0 atm. It is then connected through a valve to 9.00-m^3 evacuated chamber. The valve is opened just a little, and the gas slowly flows unitl it finally stops on its own. Given that the temperature was constant throughout the transfer, what is the pressure i

    Absolute Pressure Equations

    A bubble rises from the bottom of a tank of water that is at a uniform temperature. Just before it bursts at the surface the bubble is three times its original volume. Determine the absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank.

    Radiation Specific Heating

    Assuming that the specific heat of the body is 1 cal g^-1 degrees C^-1, a) Plot the approximate temperature rise as a function of whole body dose ranging from 100 mGy to 10 Gy b) What absorbed dose would correspond to a potentially lethal heat body burden, assuming that a body temperature rise of 5 degrees C (normal body

    Temperatures for a Ring to Slip Over a Rod

    At 20 degrees celsius, aluminum ring has an inner diameter of 5.00 cm and a brass rod has a diameter of 5.050 cm. If both are heated together, what temperature must both reach so that the ring just slips over the rod? Would this process work?

    Altimeter and Latent Heat of Vaporization

    Does the sensitivity of an altimeter to errors in the boiling point temperature increase or decrease with altitude? make the approximation that the latent heat of vaporization and the scale height do not depend on the boiling point temperature.

    Heat and Temperature in Celsius

    8.00 grams of aluminum at 200 degrees Celsius and 18.0 grams of copper are dropped into 55.0 cubic centimeters of ethyl alcohol at 15 degrees Celsius. The temperature quickly comes to 24.0 degrees Celsius. What was the initial temperature of the copper in degrees Celsius?

    Water, Monatomic Gas Problem - Calculate Gas Pressure after Prolonged Contact

    A beaker with a metal bottom is filled with 20 g of water at 20 degrees Celsius. It is brought into good thermal contact with a 4000 cm3 container holding 0.40 mol of a monatomic gas at 10 atm pressure. Both containers are well insulated from their surroundings. Question: What is the gas pressure after a long time has elapsed?

    Compression of a Jaguar XK8 Cylinder

    A Jaguar XK8 convertible has an eight-cyliner engine. At the beginning of its compression stroke, one of the cylinders contains 499 cm^3 of air at atmospheric pressure (1.01x10^5 Pa) and a temperature of 27.0 degrees Celsius. At the end of the stroke, the air has been compressed to a volume of 46.2 cm^3 and the gauge pressure ha

    Pressure Cooker

    (A) A pressure cooker is a pot whose lid can be tightly sealed to prevent gas from entering or escaping. If an otherwise empty pressure cooker is filled with air of room temperature and then placed on a hot stove, what would be the magnitude of the net force F_120 on the lid when the air inside the cooker had been heated to 120

    What was the initial temperature of the copper?

    8.00 g of aluminum at 200 degrees Celsius and 18.0 g of copper are dropped into 55.0 cm^3 of ethyl alcohol at 15 degrees Celsius. The temperature quickly comes to 24.0 degrees Celsius. What was the initial temperature of the copper?

    Calculating moles using volume, density, molar mass, pressure and temperature

    See attached file for clarity. Acid rain is a growing worldwide environmental problem. Naturally, rainwater should have a pH of not less than 5.5, but in the northeastern United States for example, the average pH of the rainwater is about 4.5. The increased acidity of the rain kills plants and animals in lakes and streams, ca

    Temperature Related to Resulting Mixtures of Steam

    300 grams of water at 0 degrees are placed in a copper container weighing 120 grams in which 35 grams of ice (at 0 degrees also). 17 grams of steam at 100 degrees are fed in and completely condensed to water. What is the temperature of the resulting mixtures.