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Manufacturing Processes

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1. Explain why studying the types of chips produced is important in understanding cutting operations.
2. Tool life can be almost infinite at low cutting speeds. Would you recommend that all machining be done at low speeds? Explain.
3. Explain the consequences of allowing temperatures to rise to high levels in cutting?
4. What are the effects of performing a cutting operation with a dull tool?
5. An aerospace aluminum alloy has a very high thermal conductivity and strength, but cutting it results in serrated chips. What would you say about the strength of the aluminum at high temperatures?
6. Why does temperature have such an important effect on the life of cutting tools?
7. Can cutting fluids have any adverse effects? If so, what are they?
8. Titanium-nitride coatings on tools reduce the coefficients of friction at the tool-chip interface. What is the significance of this?
9. Why are chemical stability and inertness (non-reactivity) important in cutting tools?
10. Thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion can be important to the life of cutting tool. Why?

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