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    The Manufacturing Process

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    Compare and contrast scheduling approaches to the primary types of manufacturing processes:

    1) Job shop
    2) Batch shop

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    //This paper will discuss the scheduling process and its approach on the primary manufacturing processes, which are job shop and batch shop. This part of the paper also includes the discussion of the difference between job shop and batch shop//.

    Scheduling processes possess a major impact on the process productivity. In primary manufacturing processes, the purpose of scheduling process is to lower the cost of production and time of production. It provides various advantages to production, such as maximization of production efficiency, inventory reduction, etc. Scheduling approaches are used for manufacturing processes, so that they make a plan that is logical for work performed by machines and humans (Winters, 2008).

    In job shop manufacturing process, the output is different in form, structure or processing required. In batch shops, similar items in large volumes are provided on a repeated basis. Then these are associated with job shops. Functioning of individual machines usually use these processes. Basically, there are three ...

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