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    Nursing Research to determine the effects of three cooling blanket temperatures

    I will need to develop a study (as an advance practice nurse in an ICU) to determine the effects of three cooling blanket temperatures on: 1) time to cool 2) shivering and 3) self-perceived discomfort in adults with fever In your response: A. Identify an appropriate study design B. Diagram the study design C. Discuss t

    Baseline Project 12 - Temperature Scales

    Skill Level I: You are an American exchange student planning to study in Florence, Italy, during the winter term. In preparation for your trip, you consult the Italian school's Web site to find out what the temperature is likely to be. However, the daily weather is given in the Celsius scale. Use the table to find a way to co

    Temperature of a Black Body

    What is the closest temperature of a black body emitting 1450 W/sq.m? a) 1000 deg C. b) 100 deg C. c) 10 deg C. d) 1 deg C.

    Lenght and Frequency of a String

    One type of steel has a density of 8000 kg/m^3 and a breaking stress of 7.1×108 N/m^2. A cylindrical guitar string is to be made out of a quantity of steel with a mass of 4.50 g. a). What is the length of the longest and thinnest string that can be placed under a tension of 890 N without breaking? b). What is the highest

    Determining the Temperature of the Surface of a Kettle

    The bottom of a steam kettle (made of steel) is 15mm thick and has an area of 0.15m^2. The water in the kettle is at 100 degrees Celsius. Every five minutes, 0,75 kg water evaporates. Determine the temperature of the surface of the steam kettle that is in contact with the stove.

    Using Different Thermometers for Accuracy

    Describe the thermometer you would use for measuring the temperature of each of the objects listed below, indicating the thermometers' approximate accuracy: a) A domestic oven; b) A sick child; c) A cryostat at about 4K; d) The sun.

    Negative absolute temperatures.

    Suppose that by some artificial mean it is possible to put more electrons in the higher energy state than in the lower energy state of a two level system (this sort of situation occurs in a laser, for example). Now it is clear that this cannot be an equilibrium situation, but nevertheless, for the time that the system is in the

    Macrostates, microstates and temperature of a system.

    A hypothetical system contains 16 particles which can occupy nondegenerate equally space energy levels of spacing e. The system is set up so that it has a total energy of 18e, and it is the most probable macrostate, which is shown below: (see the attached file for the chart) (i) How many microstates are there in this mac

    A carbon wire and a nichrome wire

    A carbon wire and a nichrome wire are connected one after the other. If the combination has total resistance of 11.0 k ohms at 20° C, what is the resistance of each wire at 20° C so that the resistance of the combination does not change with temperature? It seems as though resistivity may need to be considered in order fo

    Food processing techniques and preservation principles

    What are the differences between (a) Pasteurization, (b) Commercial sterilization, and (c) Ultrahigh temperature processing (UHT). The discussion should be based on the processing method involved and preservation principles behind each method. In addition, what will be the shelf-life expectancy for food products treated by each

    Determine the thermal conductivity of the foam

    3. A Styrofoam box has a surface area of 0.80m2 and a wall thickness of 2.0cm. The temperature of the inner surface is 5.0°C and the outside temperature is 25°C. If it takes 8.0h for 5.0kg of ice to melt in the container, determine the thermal conductivity of the foam. (Assume that the temperature of the ice is 0°C)

    The average thermal conductivity of the walls and roof of a house

    1)The average thermal conductivity of the walls and roof of a house is 4.8 x 10"4 kW m"1°C~1 and their average thickness is 21.0 cm. The house is heated with natural gas,with a heat of combustion (energy released per cubic metre of gas burned) of 9300 kcal.m"3. How many cubic metres of gas must be burned each day to maintain a

    Adiabatic processes temperature profile.

    Please assist in understanding these problems: 1a) If the temperature on the surface over land is 310 K, and the temperature at 0.5 km is 305 K, what is the ambient atmospheric lapse rate? If a parcel of air starts to rise at the dry adiabatic lapse rate, what would be the temperature of the parcel at 0.5 km? Is this ambient

    Modeling a situation

    Your company was very impressed with your results from the recent study. They have asked that you investigate another location for them and present this new promising location at the upcoming sales meeting. Again, it is your job to check out the various areas and the friendliness for business. One of the factors of interest is t

    Tension, Tress in a Pipe Due to Change in Temperature

    When the hot water in a certain upstairs bathroom is turned on, a series of 18 "ticks" is heard as the copper hot-water pipe slowly heats up and increases in length. The pipe runs vertically from the hot-water heater in the basement, through a hole in the floor 5.0 m above the water heater. The "tick" are caused by the pipe stic

    Determining depth of a lake

    At a height of 5 meters above the surface of a freshwater lake, a sound pulse is generated. The echo from the bottom of the lake returns to the point of origin 0.140 s later. The air and water temperatures are 20°C. How deep is the lake?

    Ideal gas law problems

    A.) At the start of a trip, a driver adjusts the absolute pressure in her tires to be 2.79 105 Pa when the outdoor temperature is 284 K. At the end of the trip she measures the pressure to be 3.02 105 Pa. Ignoring the expansion of the tires, find the air temperature inside the tires at the end of the trip. B.) Oxygen for h

    Speed of Sound and the Temperature of the Air

    Sound traveling in air at 23 degrees Celsius enters a cold front where the air temperature is 2 degrees Celsius. If the sound frequency is 1500 Hz., what is the wavelength in the warmer air and in the colder air?

    Temperature Change

    When we add 50.0 mL of 0.250 M HCl to 50.0 mL of 0.250 M NaOH, the temperature increases by 1.71 degrees C and 715 J of heat is evolved by the reaction. Which of the following will be true when we add 100.0 mL of 0.125 M HCl to 100.0 mL of 0.125 M NaOH? A. The temperature change will be 1.71 C and the heat evolved will be 71

    Resistance: Platinum Thermometer

    The resistance of a platinum resistance thermometer is 125 ohms when its temperature is 20.0 degrees Celsius. The wire is then immersed in boiling chlorine, and the resistance drops to 99.6 ohms. The temperature coefficient of resistivity of platinum is 3.72 x 10^-3 (Celsius^-1). What is the temperature of the boiling chlorine?

    What is Kc at this same temperature for the reaction,

    1. For the reaction N2 + O2 → 2NO, Kc = 4.08 x 10-4 at 2000K. What is Kc at this same temperature for the reaction, NO → 1/2 O2 + 1/2 N2 2. What is the total pressure of the gases above the carbon for the reaction C + CO2 → 2CO when the pressure of CO is ten times the pressure of CO2? The equilibrium c

    Determining the length of a nichrome section

    It is desired to make a 1,000 Ohm resistor that does not change over temperature. The resistor is made of a certain length of nichrome wire and a certain length of carbon. Assume a cross section diameter is 1 millimeter for both. Determine the length of the nichrome section in meters.

    Energy states and rotational states for molecules at room temperature

    3. Probable energy states for molecules at room temperature (a) Suppose we have an system that has the following allowed electronic energy states: 0.2 eV, 2.0 eV, 3.0 eV, 10eV. What is the probability of the system to be at each of these energy states at 350K, 1000K? (b) Suppose we have a system that has the following allo