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Using Different Thermometers for Accuracy

Describe the thermometer you would use for measuring the temperature of each of the objects listed below, indicating the thermometers' approximate accuracy:

a) A domestic oven;
b) A sick child;
c) A cryostat at about 4K;
d) The sun.

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There are many types of thermometers. But in all the thermometers, one rule is commonly followed. If any one quantity is changing with time, that will be selected as the thermometric quantity. For instance, in a mercury thermometer, the volume of the Hg increases with the increase of temperature (proportionally). Similarly, in an electrical resistance thermometer, the electric resistance of the conductor changes with temperature. Thus, it is based on thermometric quantity.

The different types of thermometers are:
- alcohol thermometers
- bi-metal mechanical thermometers
- electrical resistance thermometers
- infrared thermometers
- liquid Crystal Thermometers
- medical ...

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This response discusses various thermometers to use in different scenarios in order to be more accurate in measuring heat.