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Modeling a situation

Your company was very impressed with your results from the recent study. They have asked that you investigate another location for them and present this new promising location at the upcoming sales meeting. Again, it is your job to check out the various areas and the friendliness for business. One of the factors of interest is the average temperature.

Along the way to the new location- you find that all the temperatures provided are in °F. You will now continue your observations- that you had done previously. To do so, you will need to solve a linear equation. The linear equation that relates °C to °F is as follows:

°F = 1.8 °C + 32.0

The following data was calculated in this way:

Temperature °F Miles east from starting point
85.2 0

84. 5 15

83.6 25

Your presentation must include the following:

Provide a plot of temperature versus distance east. Based on its appearance, is it a good linear model for predicting temperature as a function of distance?
Use the graph to determine the expected temperature at 75 miles east- where the company branch is located?
What challenges is your company up against in using this formula?
In what ways is the average of the temperature important for your company to consider?

plot in Celsius Thank you!

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I have plotted temperature versus distance east in the attached Excel file. It is seen that a linear model would provide a good prediction for temperature (in Celsius). The model is
Temp = ...

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