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    Ethical Issues in Employee Training

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    Please help me with some ideas on how to write about ethical considerations in three types of employee training. I need to write about electronic training, modeling and criterion-based training.

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    I hope this gives you some guidance in how to write about the ethical issues.

    Ethical considerations in online training:

    One ethical issue in online training is surveillance of the employee. Many people do not understand that all discussions, comments, questions or papers posted online are permanent records that can be read by many people. It is possible that posts made during online training could be used as evidence that an employee should lose out on a promotion or be terminated from his job. These posts can also be printed and put into an employee's permanent file, which could cause considerable damage at a later time. Many employers and online trainers question whether it is ethical to use online postings as evidence of an employee's work performance. (Anderson, B. et ...

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    This answer was written to help a student understand ethical issues in employee training. The answer looks at ethical concerns in three types of employee training; electronic training (which includes online training), modeling and criterion-based training. Sources are included.