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Absolute Pressure

A bubble rises from the bottom of a tank of water that is at a uniform temperature. Just before it bursts at the surface the bubble is three times its original volume. Determine the absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank.

Radiation Heating

Assuming that the specific heat of the body is 1 cal g^-1 degrees C^-1, a) Plot the approximate temperature rise as a function of whole body dose ranging from 100 mGy to 10 Gy b) What absorbed dose would correspond to a potentially lethal heat body burden, assuming that a body temperature rise of 5 degrees C (normal body


Does the sensitivity of an altimeter to errors in the boiling point temperature increase or decrease with altitude? make the approximation that the latent heat of vaporization and the scale height do not depend on the boiling point temperature.

Water, Monatomic Gas Problem - Calculate Gas Pressure after Prolonged Contact

A beaker with a metal bottom is filled with 20 g of water at 20 degrees Celsius. It is brought into good thermal contact with a 4000 cm3 container holding 0.40 mol of a monatomic gas at 10 atm pressure. Both containers are well insulated from their surroundings. Question: What is the gas pressure after a long time has elapsed?

Compression of a Jaguar XK8 Cylinder

A Jaguar XK8 convertible has an eight-cyliner engine. At the beginning of its compression stroke, one of the cylinders contains 499 cm^3 of air at atmospheric pressure (1.01x10^5 Pa) and a temperature of 27.0 degrees Celsius. At the end of the stroke, the air has been compressed to a volume of 46.2 cm^3 and the gauge pressure ha

Pressure Cooker

(A) A pressure cooker is a pot whose lid can be tightly sealed to prevent gas from entering or escaping. If an otherwise empty pressure cooker is filled with air of room temperature and then placed on a hot stove, what would be the magnitude of the net force F_120 on the lid when the air inside the cooker had been heated to 120

Calculating moles using volume, density, molar mass, pressure and temperature

See attached file for clarity. Acid rain is a growing worldwide environmental problem. Naturally, rainwater should have a pH of not less than 5.5, but in the northeastern United States for example, the average pH of the rainwater is about 4.5. The increased acidity of the rain kills plants and animals in lakes and streams, ca

Freezing Temperature

Explain why a 1.00 molal solution of AlCl3 in water has a lower freezing temperature than a 1.00 molal solution of NaCl in water.

Dew point, Air temperature and Precipitation

In areas of precipitation, the dew point and air temperature are higher than in the surrounding areas not receiving rain. In areas of precipitation the dew point and air temperature are also the same or close to being the same. What can you say about the relationship between air temperature and the air's dew point for stations

{11.12}Steam at 100 degree C is added to ice at 0 degree C. The mass of the steam is 10.0kg and the mass of the ice is 50.0g. What is the final temperature of the mixture?The exhaust temperature of a Carnot heat engine is 350 degree C. What is the intake temperature if the efficiency is 25.0 percent?

Steam at 100 degree C is added to ice at 0 degree C. The mass of the steam is 10.0kg and the mass of the ice is 50.0g. What is the final temperature of the mixture? ================================================= Answers: a) 20.4 degree C b) 40.4 degree C c) 80.8 degree C d) 90.1 degree C ###########################

Newton's Law of Cooling : Application to Falling Body Temperature

In a murder investigation, the crime scene investigators arrive 5am to examine the body. They found the body temperature to be 30 degrees celcius in a constant room temperature of 20 degrees celcius. (Normal body temperature is taken to be 37 degrees celcius). At 5.30 am the coroner arrived and measured the body temperature to

Design a cylinder to compress 68 degree Farenheit air

Design a cylinder to compress 68 degree farenheit air from atmospheric pressure to 200 psig without increasing the temperature more than 25 degrees farenheit. Show cylinder dimensions and discuss how far the piston must travel.

Surface tension of water and mercury: Effect of temperature

At 20 degrees celsius the surface tensions for water and mercury are 73dyn/cm and 470dyn/cm respectively. Find these values in SI units. A small capillary tube of 1mm diameter is placed into a container of 20 degree celsius water. will the level of the water in the tube move above or below the level of water? by what distance in

A clock driven by a brass rod pendulum loses time; find the error in one day.

See attached file. A clock driven by a brass rod pendulum loses time when the rod expands as the temperature rises. Find the error in one day. A pendulum clock is driven by a brass rod of length Lo= 1.6 meters, pivoted at one end. The pendulum beats perfect time when the temperature is to= 21 degrees Celsius. If the

An aluminum and an iron bar are of unequal length; temperature at equal length.

An aluminum and an iron bar are of unequal length. An iron bar whose length is 60.00 meters is at 0 degrees Celsius. An aluminum bar whose length is 60.05 meters is at +10 degrees Celsius. Find a temperature at which they are the same length. The coefficient of expansion of iron is 11 E -6 per C degree. The coefficient of ex

Mass Transfer: 21 Short Answer Questions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem(s). 1. What happens to the rate of leaching with increase in temperature? 2. State some common problems of packed columns. 3. What types of towers are suitable for corrosive and foamy liquids? 4. Why plate towers are preferred to packed columns when large tempe