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The Pressure Volume and Temperature of a Compressed Piston

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A cylinder that has a 40.0 cm radius and is 50.0 cm deep is filled with air at 20.0°C and 1.00 atm (Fig. P19.58a). A 22.0 kg piston is now lowered into the cylinder, compressing the air trapped inside (Fig. P19.58b). Finally, a 75.0 kg man stands on the piston, further compressing the air, which remains at 20°C (Fig. P19.58c).

(a) How far down (h) does the piston move when the man steps onto it?

Answer in mm

(b) To what temperature should the gas be heated to raise the piston and the man back to hi?

Answer in Kelvin

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This question is a PV = nRT type question, but we can hold a few of the variables constant.

P = pressure
V = volume
n = moles of gas
R = gas constant
T = temperature in Kelvin

Since the piston is sealed, n will be constant. R is always a constant.

P1V1/T1 = P2V2T2 ...

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