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Heating a Gas: What is the final volume and temperature?

A gas cylinder holds 0.10 mol of O_2 at 150 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 3.0 atm. The gas expands adiabatically until the pressure if halved. What are the final (a) volume in m^3 and (b) temperature in degrees Celsius?

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n= 0.1 mol
T1 = 150+273 = 423 k
P1 = 3.0 atm = 3.0*1.013*10^5 Pa

P2 = P1/2

V2 = ?
P1*V1^gamma = P2*V2^gamma
Because, oxygen is diatomic gas, therefore, gamma = 1.4
=> ...

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This solution includes calculations and finds both final temperature and final volume.