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    Compression of a Jaguar XK8 Cylinder

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    A Jaguar XK8 convertible has an eight-cyliner engine. At the beginning of its compression stroke, one of the cylinders contains 499 cm^3 of air at atmospheric pressure (1.01x10^5 Pa) and a temperature of 27.0 degrees Celsius. At the end of the stroke, the air has been compressed to a volume of 46.2 cm^3 and the gauge pressure has increased to 2.72x10^6 Pa. Compute the final temperature T_f in degrees Celsius.

    Hint: Be sure that you use the total pressure, not just the gauge pressure, in your calculations.

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    Vi = 499 cm^3
    Pi = 1.01*10^5 Pa
    Ti = 27+273 = 300 K

    Vf = 46.2 ...

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