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States of matter, cylinders

Ian eats too many mars bars. To try to get rid of the excess kJ's he exercises in the gym by using a weights machine which works by compressing a cylinder of gas. If a standard mars bar is approximately 1000kJ. Calculate the number of times Ian has to push the piston in the cylinder up and down to 'burn off' a mars bar. Assume that the gas in the cylinder is perfect. The cylinder has a diameter of 30cm and the piston travels a distance of 40cm in each compression.

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Ian should really stop eating so many mars bars.

Using the conservation of heat/energy and assuming that all the energy in the bars can be used to do P-V tyoe work we need to calculate the volume of that piston. ...

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Solution demonstrates how to calculate the number of times the subject has to push a piston up and down to burn off a Mars bar.