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Disk Tracks Traversed using Algorithms

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Calculate and compare the number of disk tracks traversed using FCFS, SSTF, SCAN, and LOOK algorithms for the series of disk track service requests given below. At the time the first request arrives in the disk request queue, the read/write head is at track 50, moving toward the outer (lower-numbered) tracks. (Hint: Each track over which the disk arm passes counts in the total, whether or not the track is read).

82, 97, 35, 75, 53, 47, 17, 11.

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Using one set of track service requests, the solution uses FCFS, SSTF, SCAN, and LOOK to calculate and compare them.

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Your question did not specify the number of cylinders so I will assume there are 5,000.

The FCFS algorithm just follows the order of the requests given. Therefore, the FCFS schedule is:
50 82 97 35 75 53 47 17 11
The individual distances between these cylinders are:
32 15 62 40 22 6 30 6
The total distance is 213.

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