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    Calculation of Disk Capacity

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    Consider a disk with the following characteristics (these are not parameters of any particular disk unit): block size B=1024 bytes, number of blocks per track=10, number of tracks per surface=400. A disk pack consists of 15 double-sided disks.

    (a) What is the total capacity of a track?
    (b) How many cylinders are there?
    (c) What is the total capacity of a cylinder?
    (d) What is the total capacity of a disk pack?

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    (a) What is the total capacity of a track?
    total capacity of a track = block size*blocks per track = 1024*10 = 10240 ...

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    The solution gives me detailed steps to calculate the following characteristics of a disk: capacity of a track, number of cylinders, capacity of a cylinder and capacity of a disk.