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Comparision of data rate of the transmission line and disk

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Imagine that you have trained your St. Bernard, Bernie, to carry a box of three 8mm tapes instead of a flask of brandy. (When your disk fills up, you consider that an emergency) These tapes each contains 7 gigabytes. The dog can travel to your side, wherever you may be, at 18 km/hour. For what range of distances does Bernie have a higher data rate than a transmission line whose data rate (excluding overhead) is 150 Mbps?

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Capacity of each 8mm tapes = 7 gigabytes.                 
    Then the capacity of 3 (three) 8mm tapes                                        
       = 3x7  gigabytes                              
       = 21 gigabytes                             

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This solution explains the problems of finding the data rate of transmission of the transmission line and that of the capacity of a disk. The solution is given in detail. This is mainly for solving the problem of transmission of data and that of disk capacity in computer science.   

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