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    Network transmission methods

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    Produce a document that describes network transmission methods such as the following:

    Frame relay
    Cable Modem

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    Network transmission methods

    Network transmission method is the methodology by which the data travels on a network. It is the protocol followed by two nodes on a network to send and data from each other. There are various techniques for sending data that depends upon the type of connection between the two nodes. Two nodes might be separated by a huge distance, i.e. they might be a part of WAN (wide area network) or they could be present in the same room and at the same network. Network transmission method also depends upon the type of channel between the two nodes. A network would use the transmission method depending upon the speed and reliability of the channel between the nodes. In general, in one local area network, the methodology would be uniform, but a node connecting two or more networks may use several methodologies at once. With the advance in technology, several transmission techniques have evolved. We study a few of them in detail.

    Frame relay method: - The frame relay method is composed of frames. Frames are packets of data that have variable sizes but they have an upper limit on the amount of data they can carry. In a frame, relay system the frames are relayed from one node to another. Just as a relay race, the first runner gives the stick to the second, second gives to the third ...

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