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Network Segmentation

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Explain the benefits of network segmentation.

Describe the different transport mechanisms included with TCP/IP.

Explain each mechanism's approach for connections establishment and termination.

Enumerate the applications that use TCP, the ones that use UDP, and the reasons why they use one or the other.

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The solution explains the benefits of network segmentation

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Network Segmentation:
Routing segmentation-Divide the network into smaller clusters
Logical segmentation- Router and the network host are connected to one device and share one or two IP address subnets
Physical segmentation-Divide a network into "...another physical network"(Simmons, & Dalan, 2003)
VLAN-"...groups of attached hosts as if they were on separate physical devices" (Simmons, & Dalan, 2003)

The benefits of network segmentation:
Segmentation's increase the bandwidth available to each host. The router will not be overly congested with traffic preventing fewer collisions and reduction of bottlenecks. The benefits of logical segmentation is the reduction of cost by physically sharing the router or switch. The ability to create smaller networks help to manage a network more effectively.

TCP/IP is the protocol used for the internet. TCP is the transmission control ...

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