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Statistics - Descriptive Statistics (Analysis of Variance)

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Car Fuel Consumption:

The following table lists highway fuel consumption amounts (in mi/gal) from data Set 22 in Appendix C. Assume that fuel consumption amounts are not affected by an interaction between the type of transmission (manual or automatic) and the number of cylinders. Are fuel consumption amounts affected by the type of transmission? Are fuel consumption amounts affected by the number of cylinders? (Please see the attached file)

under 20 20-40yrs Over 40
Male 96 64 68 60 64 88 72 64 68 72 60 88
Female 76 64 76 68 72 88 72 68 60 68 72 64

4 Cyliners 6 Cylinders 8 Cylinders
Manual 33 30 28
Automatic 31 27 24

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Solution Summary

The descriptive statistics for analysis of variances are determined. Car fuel consumptions are examined. A Complete, Neat and Step-by-step Solution is provided in the attached file.

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