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Trigonometry Plan Questions

A) Give the vale of : (i) sin^-1 (cosx ), only acute angle. (ii) tan (sin^1 x) (iii) tan [ tan^-1 ( x+ 1)/(x-1) + tan ^-1 (x-1 )/x b) Solve : cos^-1 x + cos^-1 2x = 60° c)State what is the most interesting thing learnt in studying Trigonometry and why you have select it to be introduced in your

Solve Trigonometry - Based Proof

Question: a) Prove that tan 15degrees = 2 - sqrt(3). b) Solve, for 0 </= theta < 360 degrees, sin (theta + 60 degrees)sin (theta - 60 degrees) = (1 - sqrt(3)) cos^2(theta)

Important information about solving trigonometric equation

I need check about these : A) Solve the following, giving all positive values of the angle between 0° and 360° to the nearest minute only. i) cos2x-sin^2 (x/2)+3/4 = 0 ii) cos4x =sin2x iii) sin^2 theta = cos^2 theta +3/2 iv) sin(2x-10°)= 1/2 v) sin2x-cosx = 0 b) Write equivalent equations in the form of inverse

Applications of the Pythagorean Theorem

Measure the height of your computer monitor to the nearest tenth of a centimeter or sixteenth of an inch. Measure the width of your monitor as well. Use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of the diagonal of your monitor. In your post, include the height, the width, and the calculations needed to determine the length o

Plane Trigonometry: Verifying Identities

1) Verify the following identities : a) sin(x+y)cos(x-y) + cos(x+y)sin ( x-y) = sin 2x b) cos2x = [cot^2 (x-1 )] / [ cot^2 (x+1) ] 2) Derive the identity for sin 3x in terms of sin x 3) Using the double-angle formula, find sin 120° . 4)Simplify the following expressions so that they involve a function of only on

Using Logarithms to Find the Area of Triangles

1) Using logarithms find the area of the following triangles : i) a = 12.7, b = 21.5,and c = 28.6 ii) c = 426, A= 45° 48' 36", and B = 61° 2' 13" iii) An isosceles triangle in which each of the equal sides is 14.72 in. and the vertex angle 47° 28' . 2) Find the radius of the inscribed circle and the radius of

Solve the Antiderivative Problem

Need help with the steps to solve and antiderivative problem with some trig functions. I believe the trig is what is messing me up. See the attached file.

Application of Trigonometry for Surveying

To determine the distance to an oil platform in the Pacific Ocean from both ends of a beach, a surveyor measurers the angle to the platform from each end of the beach. The angle made with the shoreline from one end of the beach is 83 degrees, from the other end 78.6 degrees. If the beach is 950 yards long, what are the distances

Periodic Functions

Please see the attached file. Many periodic functions do not have a period of 2pi. One example is the function g(t) shown below...

Wheelchair Ramp and Trigonometry

A contractor is building a wheelchair accessibility ramp (see figure attached) for a business. Using your knowledge of right-triangle trigonometry, help advise him how to create a ramp whose dimensions will meet the specification needed that will allow wheelchair accessibility. Talk about the procedure the contractor will need t

Unit - 5 Individual Project (B)1

Unit 5 Individual Project - B [See the Attached Questions File.] 1. The following chart shows some common angles with their degrees and radian measures. Fill in the missing blanks by using the conversions between radians and degrees to find your solutions. Show all work to receive full credit. 2. Two boats leave the port a

Creating wheelchair ramp using right angle triangle trigonomotry

A wheelchair accessibility ramp for a business needs to be built. Using right-triangle trigonometry, help advise him how to create a ramp whose dimensions will meet the specification needed that will allow wheelchair accessibility. Talk about the procedure the contractor will need to follow to find the dimensions of the three si

Trigonometry function

The questions are in the attachment 1. The tide in a local coastal community can be modelled using a sine function. Starting at noon, the tide is at its "average" height of 3 metres measured on a pole located off of the shore. 5 hours later is high tide with the tide at a height of 5 metres measured at the same pole. 15

Trigonometry - Period and Amplitude

The model for the height of a tidal wave for a 24 hour period is given by H(t) = 1.25 + 0.85 cos 0.498(t - 1) where H(t) is the height of the tide in meters at a time t measured in hours from midnight. (a) What is the period of the wave? (b) What is the greatest height of the wave? (c) At what time will high tide first occur?

Pythagorean Theorem Proofs

There are more than 50 ways to prove the Pythagorean theorem. Using the Library, web resources, and other course materials, choose a proof of the theorem that you understand and describe it to the class. Then create a real-world application problem that can be solved by using the Pythagorean theorem. Make sure to include the que

Researchers at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise

Researchers at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho coordinate many of the firefighting efforts necessary to battle wildfires in the western United States. In an effort to dispatch firefighters for containment, scientists and meteorologists attempt to forecast the direction of the fires. Some of this data can be

Trigonometry - Find the exact values

Please show the formula and steps in getting the answer. I think we need to use half angle formula and sum and difference formula's to get the answers for those question.

Pythagorean theorem application

Use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine if an angle is the right angle (3-4-5 triangle). What would you use the Pythagorean Theorem for? List one example either from work or personal life or any other application.

Sum/difference identities

Show all work for any credit!!! 1. Using the Sum/Difference Identities to find the following: sin11∏/12 2. Using the Sum/Difference Identities to find the following if: sinß =105/5513; 0≤ß≤90 and cosa=117/225;270≤a≤360: tan(a+ß) 3. Using the information for a and ß from #2 above, find each of the fo

Sine rule measurement

Use the sine rule to find the unknown labelled sides or angles. Answers given: x = 7.18 angle = 38.7 degrees

Techniques in Trigonometry

Please see the attached file. Demonstrate the techniques to use right triangle trigonometry. Apply critical thinking skills to the content of the course. Trigonometry has many applications in the real world. One particular area in which it can be used is in architecture. If you were an architect, describe a specific situat

Perpendicular lines - Geometry and Coordinate Geometry

"How can you determine if two lines are perpendicular?" This is what I understand out of it By definition, perpendicular lines intersect each other at 90 degree angle. In co-ordinate geometry, product of their slopes is -1.