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Trigonometric Points in terms of Radians : Transformations

In terms of radians and X, what would be the specifications of the anlges for trigonometric points which result from the following transformations of the trigonometric point P(X)? (Work these out on a diagram of the unit circle) 1) A reflection y = x followed by a rotation through pi 2) A reflection in y = -x 3) A refle

Trigonometry: Addition Theorems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Deduce the addition theorems for trigonometric functions: cos (x ± y) = cosx cosy sinx siny; sin (x ± y) = sinx cosy ± cosx siny as the simplest consequence of the representation of a complex plane's rotational group.

Pythagoras Theorem, Cosine and Sine Formulas

1) A herring gull was ringed at Llyn Trawsfynydd Gwynedd (grid reference SH 700360) and was retapped near Criccieth, Gwynedd ( grid reference SH 500380). The ringing report states the Distance as 20km and the Direction as 276 degrees. (a) Use the grid references and trigonometry to check that the map bearing of Criccieth from

Working with a sinusoidal function.

This question concerns the function y/3 = 3+ 4sin [3x+ pi ] Where x is measured in radians. (1) Choose the one option which gives the value of the function when x= pi/2 (2) Choose the one option which gives the period of the function. Options for questions 1 and 2. A 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. pi/3

Writing a trigonometric function for a bouncing ball.

Write a trigonometric function for a ball dropped from a distance of 5ft from the floor. Let the x-axis represent the time after the ball was dropped and the y axis represent the height in feet. Address these issues: 1. Explain the process you used to find the function. Include all math steps. Why did you select this particular


I need better clarification of the Angles in standard positions for Math 10 Pure.

Trigonometry Vector Problem: Force Angles

Three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium. The forces are 930 lb, 760 lb, and 1220 lb. Find the angles between the directions of the forces. (Hint: Arrange the forces to form the sides of a triangle.)


The foot, F, of a hill and the base B, of a vertical tower TB, 27 metres tall, are on the same horizontal plane. From the top, T, of the tower, the angle of depression of F is 32.7 degrees. P is a point on the hill 27.5 metres away from F along the line of greatest slope. T, B, F and P all lie in the same vertical plane. The ang

Three trig problems

1)If sin(t) = -5/13 and 270 degrees is less than or equal to t and is less than or equal to 360 degrees, then cos(t)=? 2)If 0 degrees is less than t and less than 90 degrees and cos(t) = 4/5, then cos(2t)=? 3)A right triangle is shown, sec(t) =? . | 1 = hypotenuse . | x = y