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Algebra and Trigonometry - 20 Problems

Michelle reads 1,200 words in 7 minutes, and Tricia reads 700 words in 3 minutes. Who is the faster reader? Find the unit price for the item: $6.96 for a dozen pears. Is the rate equivalent to the rate ? Solve for the unknown: A basketball player scored

Remaining Trigonometry Ratio

See attached Find the remaining trigonometric ratio: Prove the identities: Evaluate the expression: Find all values of x in the interval [0, ] that satisfy the equation: Graph the function:

Trigonometry - Oblique Triangles

1. Two diagonals of a parallelogram are 48 ft and 37 ft respectively. If they intersect at 40°, find the sides of the parallelogram. 2. A flagpole stands vertically on a 13° 25' slope. 500 feet downhill from its base its top is sighted at an elevated angle of 27° 30'. Find its height. 3. Town B is 9 miles northwest of t

Question about Mathematics - Trigonometry

Please help with the following problem. Provide a step by step solution along with diagrams. Draw the oblique triangle, classify each oblique triangle according to the four cases and solve for the required side or angle: 1. if b = 12, c = 15 and C = 67°, find a. 2. if a = 12, b = 7 and c = 5, find A. 3. if a = 25,

Trigonometric Identities

ASSIGNMENT 6 7.4 Use an identity to write each expression as a single trig function value or as a single number. 14. 1 - 2 sin square 22 ½ degree Express as a trig function of x 22. sin 4x Write each expression as a sum or difference 44. sin 4x sin 5x Write each expression as a product 46. cos 5x + cos 8x

Trigonometry questions

See attached ASSIGNMENT 5 7.1 2. if cos x = -.65, then cos (-x) = -.65 Find the remaining five trig functions of theta 22. cos theta = 1/5, theta in quadrant I 30. tan x = D sin x/cos x T or F 34. - tan x cos x = Write each expression in terms of sine and cosine and simplify 52. cot square theta

Triangles used in solving word problems

1. Anne is pulling on a 60 foot rope attached to the top of a 48-foot tree while Walter is cutting the tree at its base. How far from the base of the tree is Anne standing. ( picture a triangle with the hypotenuse is 60 ft. and the back of the triangle is 48 ft from top to the base x ft. ) (the back is the right side and the h

Plane Trigonometry: Verifying Identities

1) Verify the following identities : a) sin(x+y)cos(x-y) + cos(x+y)sin ( x-y) = sin 2x b) cos2x = [cot^2 (x-1 )] / [ cot^2 (x+1) ] 2) Derive the identity for sin 3x in terms of sin x 3) Using the double-angle formula, find sin 120° . 4)Simplify the following expressions so that they involve a function of only on

Using Logarithms to Find the Area of Triangles

1) Using logarithms find the area of the following triangles : i) a = 12.7, b = 21.5,and c = 28.6 ii) c = 426, A= 45° 48' 36", and B = 61° 2' 13" iii) An isosceles triangle in which each of the equal sides is 14.72 in. and the vertex angle 47° 28' . 2) Find the radius of the inscribed circle and the radius of

Unit - 5 Individual Project (B)1

Unit 5 Individual Project - B [See the Attached Questions File.] 1. The following chart shows some common angles with their degrees and radian measures. Fill in the missing blanks by using the conversions between radians and degrees to find your solutions. Show all work to receive full credit. 2. Two boats leave the port a

Trigonometry function

The questions are in the attachment 1. The tide in a local coastal community can be modelled using a sine function. Starting at noon, the tide is at its "average" height of 3 metres measured on a pole located off of the shore. 5 hours later is high tide with the tide at a height of 5 metres measured at the same pole. 15

Building a Wheelchair Accessibility Ramp with Trigonometry

A contractor is building a wheelchair accessibility ramp (see figure) for a business. Using your knowledge of right-triangle trigonometry, help advise him how to create a ramp whose dimensions will meet the specification needed that will allow wheelchair accessibility. Talk about the procedure the contractor will need to follow

Trigonometry Word Problems : Radius and Circumference of the Earth

Please see the attached file. 1 The engine of a sport car rotates at 5,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Calculate the angular speed of the engine in radians per second. 2 We will redo Eratosthenes's famous calculations of the measurements of the Earth that he made in 236 BC. There are two cities on the surface of the Ear

Trigonometry has many applications in the real world.

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words. Trigonometry has many applications in the real world. One particular area in which it can be used is in architecture. If you were an architect, describe a specific situation in which you could use right triangle trigonometry to help you design a new hospital

Pythagorean Theorem : Point of Tangency

Radio and TV stations broadcast from high towers. Their signals are picked up by radios and TVs in homes within a certain radius. Because Earth is spherical, these signals don't get picked up beyond the point of tangency which could be calculated using the Pythagorean Theorem" Question: Can you describe how you would calculat

Solving Trigonometric Equations

Please give detailed explanation. Please see attached file for full problem description. Solve, finding all solutions in [0, 2) and [0, 360). Express solutions in both radians and degrees. tan  = 1 / 3

Solving Trigonometric Equations

Solve, finding all solutions in [0, 2) or [0, 360). 12cos2  + 8cos  + 1 = 0 A).  = 60 and 240&#6161

Trigonometric Equations

.............................................................................................................. Solve the problem cos 5x / 2 + cos 3x/2 2 sin 2x sin x/2 2 sin 2x sin x 2 cos 2x 2 cos 2x cos x/2 ......................................................................................................

Transformations of Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Describe the transformations required to obtain the graph of the given function from a basic trigonometric graph. 43. y=0.5 sin 3x How do you come up with the following answer? starting from y=sinx, horizontally shrink by 1/3 and vertically shrink by 0.5 45. y= -2/3 cos x/3 How do you come up with the following answer? s

Trigonometry and Plotting Trigonometric Equations

Two wheels are rotating in such a way that the rotation of the smaller wheel causes the larger wheel to rotate. The radius of the smaller wheel is 5.7 centimeters and the radius of the larger wheel is 18.1 centimeters. Through how many degrees will the larger wheel rotate if the smaller one roatates 151 degrees? ans. 47.55 deg

Slope of Incline, Power and Energy

A. A tank of mass 80 metric tons is travelling at a uniform speed of 54 KM/hr on a level terrain. It then starts travelling uphill on an incline of 1 in 10 (sine slope). Calculate the extra power required from the engine in megawatts to maintain the same speed on the incline. b. When it has travelled 100m up the incline the d

Speed Unit Conversions

1540 mm/microseconds = ___________ m/s 1 X 10^5 cm/mlliseconds = _______1050____ m/s If a sound wave travels through soft tissue at a velocity of 1.54 mm/microsecond for 2203 ms, How far has the sound wave traveled using the echo-ranging formula d=ct, where d= distance, c= velocity, t= time Using the same formula

A man holds a 178 N ball in his hand, with the forearm horizontal (see the drawing). He can support the ball in this position because of the flexor muscle force M, which is applied perpendicular to the forearm. The forearm weighs 20.2 N and has a center of gravity as indicated. (a) Find the magnitude of M. (b) Find the magnitude and direction of the force applied by the upper arm bone to the forearm at the elbow joint.

A man holds a 178 N ball in his hand, with the forearm horizontal (see the drawing). He can support the ball in this position because of the flexor muscle force M, which is applied perpendicular to the forearm. The forearm weighs 20.2 N and has a center of gravity as indicated. (a) Find the magnitude of M. (b) Find the m

Functions: Discontinuities, Trends and Forecasting

1) What is a discontinuity? How are discontinuities found? Which types of graphs are continuous? 3) If Bob starts off with a salary of $50,000 and earned $1000 a year for his salary, give the equation of his salary, S, for year t. Use this equation to find the year in which he would be earning $56,400. Show all your work usin

Vector Addition and Trigonometry

One force is pushing an object in a direction 50 degree south of east with a force of 25 Newton. A second force is simultaneously pushing the object in a direction 70 degree north of west with a force of 60 Newton. If the object is to remain stationary, give the direction and magnitude of the third force which must be applied to