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plotting points

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Please help with the following problem.

Technicians at Buzz Electronics use this equation to determine the amount of current (i) traveling through a circuit at any given time (t):

i = 2t^2 â?" 8t + 10

a) Graph the equation to show the relationship between time and current.
b) Is this function linear, quadratic, exponential or periodic?
c) In words, explain the relationship between current and time.
d) If t is measured in seconds, at what time will the least amount of current be traveling through the circuit?

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This solution exemplifies plotting points. It helps graph the equation, describe whether it is linear, quadratic, exponential or periodic, explain the relationship between current and time, and calculate the time it takes for a current to travel through a circuit.

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We can graph this function by plotting points. The equation makes sense only for positive values of t, so, we make a little table:

(see attached file for a diagram to go along with the solution)

t i
0 10
1 4
2 2
3 4
5 20

(just replace t with a numerical value ...

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