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Graphs and Linear Equations

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3. Graph by plotting points.
y+x= -4

4. Graph by plotting points.
3x= -y+3
Complete the ordered pairs. (-1,_), (1,_)

6. Find the intercepts for the graph of the equation given.
the x-intercept is?
the y-intercept is?

7. Find the intercepts and then use them to graph the equation.

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The graphs are on the attachment.

y+x=-4 x=-4-y y
-3 -1
-4 0
-5 1
-6 2
-7 3
-8 4
-9 5

Graph by plotting points 3x=-y+3 3x=y+3 x=(y+3)/3 y
    -1 -6
Complete the ordered pairs. (-1,_), (1,_) -0.666666667 -5
(-1,-6) -0.333333333 -4
(1,0) ...

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The solution plots linear equations and completes the ordered pairs from graphs. Intercepts are found and used to graph the equation.

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