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Vectors, Magnitude, & Direction of a Dart Shot from a Blow Gun

See attached file.

Blow gun

Using only a meter stick, brains and a calculator, find

1. Vi (coming out of the gun) muzzle velocity, (Hint:first find time)
2. Vfy (a vector)
3. Vf (a vector) When it hit the cardboard, magnitude and direction (Hint: use vfy and the pythagorean theorem)
4. find a in the gun (length of gun = 1.38 meters)
5. find t in the gun (length of gun = 1.38 meters

6. find the angle that you would have to shoot it at (assuming the same Vi) in order to hit
me between the eyes. (This is not the same angle as in 3.)

x = 9.0 meters

δ y = 0.170 meters

A dart was shot horizontally out of a blow-gun whose length is 1.38m, and was intended to hit a target 9.0m away (a picture of a person right between their eyes). Upon impact the dart hit 0.170m below its target. Find the 6 components asked for above.


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The solution finds the vectors, magnitude, and direction of a dart shot from a blow gun.