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Projectiles and Vectors

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1. a) A projectile is fired horizontally from a gun that is 37.0 m above the flat ground. The muzzle velocity is 275 m/s. How long does the projectile remain in the air?

b) At what horizontal distance from the firing point does it strike the ground?

c) What is the speed as it strikes the ground?

2. a) A watermelon has the coordinates X = -6.0m, y = 6.0m, and z = 0.0m. Find its position vector in terms of the vector's magnitude and orientation. What is the magnitude?

b) Angle in degrees as measured CCW from the x - axis.

c) Sketch the vector on a right handed coordinate system. If the watermelon is moved to the xyz coordinates (2.0m, 0.0m, 0.0m) what is the displacement in unit vector notation for the i component?

d) for the j component?

e) for the k component?

f) What is its displacement in terms of magnitude?

g) What is its displacement in terms of orientation?

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Projectiles motion can be divided into two dimensions: the horizontal and the vertical.
We could say that in each direction the projectile performs independent motion. In the vertical direction, the gravitational force causes the ...

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