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    Conceptual questions regarding motion and vectors

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    Motion and Vectors.
    Please do problems 1-4 and 6-10 showing pictures if applicable, step by step solutions, and answers.
    See attached file for full problem description.

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    Since the car travels from east to west, it travels in the negative direction throughout the process. Therefore, the direction of its velocity throughout the process is negative as well. The only graph that reflects this fact is graph C

    At the entrance to town, the car experiences a deceleration. This means that the acceleration is pointing to the opposite direction of the traveling direction. Since the car is traveling in the negative direction, the deceleration at the town entrance will be positive. At the town's exit the car accelerates towards the west (the negative direction) and therefore the acceleration there must be also negative.
    In between these events, the car maintains a constant velocity which means the acceleration is zero (the acceleration is the change in velocity with respect to time)
    Thus graph B is the answer.

    In a position graph, the slope of the graph is the velocity. So outside of town the graph's slope will be constant (constant velocity) and negative (the velocity ...

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    In this assignment there are 8 problems dealing with the concepts of equations of motion and vectors' graphical representation. No calculations are needed but full explanations are provided.