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Dimensions of the Door

Hazel has a screen door whose height is 4 feet more than its width. She wishes to stabilize the door by attaching a steel cable diagonally. If the cable measures sq 194/2 ft, what are the dimensions of the door?

Trigonometry Questions

Give a polar equation for the curve whose graph is a vertical line that passes 3 units to the right of the origin. A parabolic reflector has a width w=20 feet and a depth d =4 feet. how far from the center will the focal point be? See attached for third question

Trigonometry Questions

Solve the system x-2y+z=-1 and system x+2y-2z=-1 -2x+3y+2z=4 x+3y+z=10 2x+y+3z=9 2x+6y+2z=20 Find the maximum value of c=6X + 5y on the region determined by the constaints 3x+2y+>or equal to 20 2< or equal to X<or equal to 8 1< or eq

Derivatives : Trigonometry Rate of Change Problems

1.) A fugitive is running along a wall at 4.0m/s. A searchlight 20m from the wall is trained on him. How fast is the searchlight rotating at the instant when he is 10m from the point on the wall nearest the searching? 2.) A balloon is rising from the ground at the rate of 6.0m/s from a point 100m from an observer, also on the

Trigonometry problem: latitude and nautical mile

A nautical mile depends on latitude. It is defined as length of a minute of arc of the earth's radius. The formula is N(P) = 6066 - 31 cos 2P, where P is the latitude in degrees. a) Find the exact latitude (to 4 decimal places) of where you live, used to live, work, or used to work (include the zip code). The latitude fo

Trigonometry Exam (20 Problems)

Please see the attached file for all of the fully formatted problems. 1. You have calibrated your voltmeter so that you know a meter reading of 10 V is actually 10.2 V and a reading of 15 V is actually 15.6 V. What is the actual voltage when your meter reads 12.3 V? (1) 11.9V (3) 12.3 V (5) 13.1 V (2) 12.1 V (4) 12.7 V (6

Trigonometry Word Problem - Football Game

Suppose at kickoff of a football game, the receiver catches the football at the left side of the goal line and runs for a touchdown diagonally across the field. How many yards would he run? (A football field is 100 yards long and 160 feet wide).

Trigonometry and Heart Rates

#120 Digging up the street. A contractor wants to install a pipeline connecting point A with point C on opposite sides of a road. To save money, the contractor has decided to lay the pipe to point B and then under the road to point C. Find the measure of the angle marked x in the figure for exercise #120 on page 161.

Trigonometric Identities

Match sin x sec x with one of the following: ? csc x ? tan x ? sin x tan x ? sin x cot x Use trigonometric identities to factor and simplify the following: ? sin2 x * sec2 x - sin2 x

Trigonometric Functions

Which one of the following trigonometric functions of x is not correct? Which one of the following trigonometric functions of x is not correct given that sin x > 0 and sec x = -2? ? csc x = ( 2 sq rt 3) / 3 ? cos x = - 1 / 2 ? cot x = - ( sq rt 3 ) / 3 ? tan x = - ( sq rt 3 ) / 2

Trigonometric Identities

Match sec4 y - tan4 y to one of the following: ? csc y ? sec2 y+ tan2 y ? 1+ tan y ? csc y x cot y

Trigonometry : Graphs, Asymptotes and Phase Shifts (13 Problems)

1. If sin(alpha)=1/5 where alpha is in quadrant II, find the remaining five trigonometric functions of alpha. 2. Given that sin(alpha)= -2/3 and cos(alpha)= -root5/3>0, find the remaining four trigonometric functions. 3. Sketch a graph of y=3cos(2theta+pi) using either transformations or the "5 key points" method. Be

Trigonometry Word Problems for a Surveyor

1. A surveyor is measuring the distance across a small lake. He has set up his transit on one side of the lake 130 feet from a piling that is directly across from a pier on the other side of the lake. From his transit, the angle between the piling and the pier is 55(degrees). What is the distance between the piling and the p



Cartesian coordinates

1. A boat sails at a constant speed in a straight line. its position at time S is (30S- 300,10S +500). in the water there are two buoys, A and B. at positions A- (7100,2800) and B - (125700,42500). a) write an expression in terms of S that is the square of the distance between the boat and buoy A at time S, simplify the answe

Deriving trigonometric identities.

Use trigonometric identities to derive the following identities: a.) sin^2x+cos^2x=1 b.) sin2x=2sinxcosx c.) cos2x=cos^2x-sin^2x d.) cos2x=2cos^2x-1 e.) cos2x=1-2sin^2x

Limit of cosine using epsilon/delta definition

I am having difficulty using the epsilon/delta definition....even difficulty when not using it. There's a problem which reads as follows: find the limit as x approaches 0 of (cosx-1)/x^2. The main reason as to why I am having difficulty without using the epsilon/delta definition is because I simply am confused what to do when

Pythagorean Theorem

Find the side length x for a right triangle..when its sides are 7 and 11. Round to the nearest tenth

Important information about application of trigonometric functions in real life

As a group, work together to submit the answers to the following problems. Use the Small Group Discussion Board to divide tasks, discuss strategies for solving problems, and check each other's work. The finished product should be one combined document for the entire group, showing all calculations and graphical representations u

Trigonometric Limit

Find the trigonometric limit of the following (please show work) lim (x - tan2x)/sin2x x--> 0

Trigonometry Word Problems

13) A rocket tracking station has two telescopes A and B placed 1.3 miles apart. The telescopes lock onto a rocket and transmit their angles of elevation to a computer after a rocket launch. What is the distance to the rocket from telescope B at the moment when both tracking stations are directly east of the rocket telescope A r

Trigonometry and Geometry Word Problems

3) A building 210 feet tall casts a 90 foot long shadow. If a person stands at the end of the shadow and looks up to the top of the building, what is the angle of the person's eyes to the top of the building (to the nearest hundredth of a degree)? (Assume the person's eyes are 4 feet above ground level.) A) 66.40° B) 64.09° C

Trigonometry for Oblique Triangles

1.-On the shore of the lake,a surveyor measured a straigth line of 30 meters between point A and B.what is the shortest distance between the point C on the island and the point A on the shore if angle C A B = 23degrees and 50 minutes and angle C B A =67 degrees and 28 minutes. 2.-Find the angle B in an oblique triangle in whi

Trigonometric Equations and Identities

1. Solve each equation for the domain interval 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pie. Round the answers to the nearest hundredth of a radian, if necessary. a) 2cossquaredx+cosx=0 b) tansquaredx-1=0 c) 6sinsquaredx+sinx-1=0 2. Simplify each trigonometric expression. a) sinx (Suppo

Trigonometry and Pythagorean (Pythagorus) Theorem Problems

1.-In a right triangle with the hypotenuse c = 10 and the angle A =50 degrees ,what is the value of side b ? 2.- If in a right triangle the angle A = 40 degrees ,and the side a = 5,what is the value of side b ? 3.-If in a right triangle the hypotenuse c =12 and the side b = 5, what is the value of the angle A ? use natu

Solving Equations, Length of a Cube and Pythagorean Theorem

1. a. square root of x-2 = 1 show work b. square root of x cubed = 27 show work c. 3 x the square root of x squared = 9 show work 2. Is the square root of x squared = x an identity (true for all non values of x?) Explain answer 3. For the equation x - 2 times square root of x on the same gr

Matlab Spectra Plot : Convolution with Low-Pass Filter

Lpf = ones(1,10); y=abs(fft([lpf zeros(1,246)])); Create a signal consisting of a 500 and 1000Hz cosine sampled t 10kHz. fs= 10e3; t =(0:1:0.02*fs); f1=500; f2=1000; s=cos(2*pi*t*f1/fs)+cos(2*pi*t*f2/fs); Plot the convolution of the signal with lpf, from the command filtered=conv(s,lpf) **Plot the magnitude of th

10 Trigonometry Problems

1. Find B to the nearest degree in triangle ABC given A = 34 degrees, b=7.0 and a = 11. 2. How do you convert from degrees to radians. Explain and provide an example with 283 degrees. 3. The hypotenuse of a 30-60-90 triangle is 10. Find the perimeter 4. Given C= 61 degrees, a=55, and b= 29, find the area of triang

Problems in calculus and trigonometry

Do the following problems: (1) Find the value of twice the integral of the function u^(-1) + 3*[u^(-2)] over the interval [-3, -1]. (2) Show that cot(pi/3) = 1/[sqrt(3)], where "sqrt" stands for "square root." (3) Obtain the Maclaurin series for the function f(x) = sin x. (4) Obtain the Maclaurin series for the funct