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Pythagoras Theorem- Billboard and Ladder Problem

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A billboard painter has been assigned the task of changing the advertisement on a 20 ft billboard, the bottom is 15ft off the ground, two other sites under the sign,one is 10ft from the base the other is 15ft from the base. If the painter uses the patch that is 10ft from the base, what is the length of the ladder required to reach the bottom of the sign? What is the length required to reach the top? if she uses the ground that is 15ft from the base, what is the length of ladder to reach the bottom of the sign, and what is the length of the ladder to reach the top?

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of Pythagoras Theorem and its application in solving Billboard and Ladder Problems in Trigonometry. Supplemented with diagrams, this step-by-step Solution and Explanation of this complicated topic provides students with a clear perspective of general Heights and Distance Problems in Trigonometry. The solution contains detailed step-by-step information.

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Problem: 25ft ladder, 10ft from the base of the sign, what point will the ladder touch the sign. then using the ground 15ft from the base, what point will the ladder reach the sign.
20ft billboard, the bottom which is 15ft off the ground. the painter has a 25ft ladder. from the 10ft from the base at what point will the ladder reach the sign? from the 15ft from the base of the sign, at what point ...

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