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    Trigonometry questions

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    A) Give the vale of :

    (i) sin^-1 (cosx ), only acute angle.

    (ii) tan (sin^1 x)

    (iii) tan [ tan^-1 ( x+ 1)/(x-1) + tan ^-1 (x-1 )/x

    b) Solve : cos^-1 x + cos^-1 2x = 60°

    c)State what is the most interesting thing learnt in studying Trigonometry and why you have select it to be introduced in your
    program of study

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    Plane Trigonometry

    Final checks :

    a) Give the vale of :

    (i) sin^-1 (cosx ), only acute angle.

    sin^-1 (cosx ) = sin^-1 (sin( - x )) = - x

    (ii) tan (sin^-1 x)

    Let sin^-1 x = a
     sina = x


    tan (sin^-1 x) = tan(a) =

    (iii) tan [ tan^-1 ( x+ 1)/(x-1) + tan ^-1 (x-1 )/x]


    b) ...

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