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    Children & the Law

    Excessive Use of Force

    Take a stand on this controversial topic: Develop a persuasive argument as to whether or not excessive force is a systematic problem. Argue one of these viewpoints: Excessive use of force is a systematic problem. Excessive use of force is not a systematic problem. Identify and incorporate statistics on police brutality from D

    At Risk Behaviors for Youth

    I am taken a Juvenile Justice course and have chosen to work with the targeted group "Gangs" in the juvenile Justice System. I need to write a profile of behaviors and circumstances that are, or could be, considered at risk for this group. I then have to develop a handout to be distributed to schools, parents, and social workers

    Technology in the Courtroom

    Review the Courtroom 21 Web site at http://www.courtroom21.net. Examine the Company Info and Participating Companies and Technology sections. Post your response to these questions: Based on your review of the Courtroom 21 Project, in what ways could technology help or impede the criminal justice process? If you were a crimin

    Media-Based Anti Crime Efforts

    Review the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign Web site at http://www.ncpc.org/media/current.php Spend some time examining the print, television, and Internet public service announcements. Review Court TV's Choices and Consequences public service initiative at http://www.courttv.com/choices/. Explore the About Us pag


    A woman was recently arrested for drowning all four of her children. Her defense team suggested that she was depressed and had no idea what she was doing at the time of the crime. A wealthy man and his pregnant wife were going through a divorce. Rather than pay alimony and child support the man hired someone to kill his wife

    The Media, Crime, and Violence

    Visit the Smoking Gun Web site at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/ Locate the interrogation notes of Lee Harvey Oswald and the manual found in the possession of a supporter of Osama bin Laden Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants. Provide a 50-word response to each of these questions: 1. Should the documents you foun

    Death Penalty Example Question

    I am against the use of the death penalty as a form of punishment. Support this opinion using one of the major ethical systems.

    Punishment and Corrections

    What are the goals of punishment and corrections? Explain the rationale behind those goals. How does the concept of community corrections relate to these goals and rationale?

    Juvenile Drug Correction Facilities in New York

    Task: Locate three separate corrections programs and detention facilities in New York designed for juvenile drug abusers. Make sure you have selected one detention facility and one correction program. The third selection can be of either genre. Write a summary describing the similarities and differences of the correction program

    Legal Professionals are discussed.

    Judges, like police officers and attorneys, are held to a higher ethical standard than the average person; they are expected to be impartial and non-biased in their work. Do you believe a judge can be completely unbiased with every case? Explain your answer. What ethical issues arise when a judge is biased?

    Ethics and Legal Professionals

    Post your response to the questions following this scenario: Bobby K. Lawyer's first inclination when accepting a new client is to begin the process of plea bargaining. He is not interested in "dragging out" a case in court that will go on for months and might get ugly. Plea bargaining, in his opinion, is a much simpler way to w

    Juvenile Sentencing Law

    What factors do you consider to be most important in the creation of juvenile sentencing law?

    Court process for Juvenile offender

    Microsoft PowerPoint 7-10 slides with graphics and speaker notes that describes the juvenile court process as if you were explaining it to a juvenile offender and his or her family. Cover the following topics:the juvenile court team, rights of the juvenile, phases of filing a petition, types of juvenile sentencing, confidentiali

    Police Force Deviance

    Resource: http://www.lacity.org/oig/rirprpt.pdf 1) Identify two forms of police deviance cited in the Rampart Independent Review, found in the link above. Begin your search in the Table of Contents of this review found on page 39 of 258 of the PDF document. 2) Search the internet for at least two additional sources that ci

    Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

    Answer the following questions in 200-300 words: What conflicts do you see between the formal law enforcement code of ethics and the police subculture or "Cop Code"? What ethical problems might these conflicts create? How are these two different ethical codes tied to public perceptions of the role of law enforcement?

    Juvenile Court Characteristics

    Describe the characteristics of the New York Juvenile Court system. Include information on the following topics: types of courts, general characteristics of the court, jurisdiction of the court, and court alternatives (200-300 words).

    Law Enforcement and Juvenile Justice System: Example Problem

    Please help with the following: Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, geared toward teaching a group of junior high school students in your community about the role of law enforcement in the juvenile justice system in New York. Create 7-10 slides and speaker notes. Include information on how law enforcement responds to

    Noble-Case Corruption

    When is noble-case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable? Do you agree that law enforcement should use extreme means to catch criminals? Explain your answer.


    Situation: There is an officer in your division who is known as a "rat" because he testified against his partner in a criminal trial and a civil suit. The partner evidently hit a handcuffed suspect in the head several times in anger and the man sustained brain injuries and is now paraplegic. Although none of the officers you kn

    Deontological vs. Teleological Ethical Systems

    Compare and contrast deontological and teleological ethical systems (700-1050 words) using APA format. Provide examples and descriptions of the seven major ethical systems (attached). Determine whether you believe each system to be deontological or teleological. Identify which system most closely matches your own beliefs and


    Situation: You are selected for a jury in a trial of a 64 year-old-mother who killed her two adult sons. The two men were institutionalized and suffered from Huntington's disease, a degenerative brain disease. They were certain to die and would endure much pain and suffering brfore they did. Her husband had also died from this

    Juvenile Justice Policy Changes: Then and Now

    Now that you understand the historical background of the juvenille justice system, consider issues facing the juvenille court system today, and appraise the efficacy of juvenille justice policy in our modern society. What are the major differences? Do you feel policies in the past were more effective than current policy? Support

    Criminal Justice

    In late February, 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is "unconstitutionally cruel" when applied to people who committed the crime for which they were sentenced, before they reached age 18. The Court ruled that the death penalty cannot be applied to people who committed their crimes as juveniles. There

    Juvenile Justice System Portfolio

    I need to create a portfolio for juvenile law. profile and risk factors corrections and detention juvenile courts prevention programs guiding principles treatment strategy. In this portfolio I must outline a treatment strategy, keeping in mind the guiding principles. A comprehensive portfolio of information about a s

    TV Shows and Drug Trade

    Do TV shows glorify drug use and encourage youths to enter the drug trade? Should all images of drinking and smoking be banned from TV? What about advertisements that try to convince youths how much fun it is to drink beer or smoke cigarettes?

    Police and the Community

    Why would community policing be helpful in reducing negative interactions between the police and the community?