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Crime Rates

Research statistics for New York related to one of the following types of crime: Murder, theft, drug use, sexual assault, or kidnapping. Are the rates for this crime increasing or decreasing? What factors contribute to the trend?

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I will provide you with information on New York's murder rate, how it has changed over the year and what has contributed to those changes. I will also give you the links to the sources of where I took this information from.

On December 26, 2007, CNN reported that New York was on track to have the fewest homicide rates since records started to be kept.

The city is expected to fall below 500 murders in 2007, the lowest level for any year since 1963, when comparable information on homicides was first collected, Bloomberg said at a news conference.

"At the end of 2002, for the first time in four decades, murders in New York City fell below 600, and we were able to hold them below 600 for the next four years," Bloomberg said. "Today, with just five days of the year remaining, it appears that we have another historic achievement within our reach."

Bloomberg said decreases in major felony crimes were recorded across every crime category and in all five boroughs in 2007, marking the seventeenth straight year in which crime has gone down.

Since 2001, overall major felony crime has decreased 26 percent citywide, according to New York Police Department statistics.
Officials name "Operation Impact" as the prime reason for the decline in crime. The NYPD effort focuses on problem people and places, Kelly said. It places significant numbers of uniformed officers in small areas of precincts, ...

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History and rates of crime in New York in the following areas: murder, theft, drug use, sexual assault and kidnapping. Explanation of trends that contribute to the increase and/or decrease in specific crime rates.