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Children & the Law

Sexual Crimes against Children

Select, explain, then compare and contrast three theories of explanations of why certain adult males prefer children for sexual gratification. Also, use three references to support your argument.

Juvenile Justice Systems

Do you think we should have a separate justice system for juveniles, or should all juveniles be processed through the adult system? Why or why not? List six landmark juvenile Supreme Court cases other than Kent v. United States In re Gault. In re Winship. McKeiver v. Pennsylvania Breed v. Jones Schall v. Martin

Juvenile Justice Process

Which process to you think is more effective, street justice by the police or processing juveniles through the court system? Why? Do you believe the juvenile justice system should support gang summits that claim to be working toward peaceful, lawful ways to improve the situation of gang members?

Juvenile Delinqincy

Should parents and guardians be held legally responsible when a juvenile commits a violent crime? Why or why not? Should the term juvenile delinquency encompass both those youths who commit nonviolent crimes? Violent crimes? Just a brief answer to each in your own words.

Justice System Position Paper help

Justice System Position Paper help o The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation. o The juvenile justice system should focus on punishment. Include the following in your paper: o Why should the juvenile justice system adopt the focus you have chosen? o What evidence supports your position? o How will the

The juvenile justice system is discussed.

Please help with the following problem. Please provide at least 300 words. How would I go about this: Outline the steps in the juvenile justice process and identify the differences between the juvenile and criminal justice systems?

Discuss the influence on juvenile

TASK: Joey is a 15-year-old boy who has been caught stealing a car. Joey lives with his mother in an impoverished urban area. Joey is rarely at home or at school?he spends most of his time with his friends. 1. Discuss the influence that the peer group, family, academic performance, and poverty have on juvenile offending.

Juvenile and Adult Court Systems

TASK: You have been doing research on some aspects of the juvenile justice system. You need to compare the differences between the juvenile and adult court systems for an upcoming meeting. Use the following examples to illustrate the differences between the two systems: Jan, a 16-year-old girl, has been caught stealing an au

Mission Statement

Compose a mission statement for the juvenile court system as it exists today. The mission statement should describe the general purpose, philosophy, and goals of the juvenile court system. Write a brief response explaining the rationale behind your mission statement.

Crime and Terrorism

Please help so I can complete the following: Locate an example of a terrorist organization from the Foreign Terrorist Organization List Research your chosen terrorist organization. Include APA formatted citations and references for sources used in your research. Discuss in 1,

Equality of Justice

Answer the questions listed below for each of the four articles appearing in Issues 8 and 11 in Debating Crime. Provide a 50 word minimum response to each question. Issue 8: "Black Jurors: Right to Acquit? (Jury Nulification)" by Paul Butler, p. 108 Under what circumstances does the author believe jurors should vote accordin

Women and the Criminal Justice System

Imagine you are a member of the National Organization for Women Legislators (http://www.womenlegislators.ogg/), and you have been asked to present at the upcoming annual conference. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 8-10 slides, with speaker notes, about current issues facing women who participate in, or are affec

Adolescent Offenders

I need help locating a recent article for this assingment and some ideas to get me started. Locate a recent news article about an adolescent offender. Refer to Figure 9.2 on p. 292 (attached). Describe the development of the offender's behavior. Post a 200-300 word response to this question. If the behavioral pattern is not

Law Enforcement Presentation

I need help with the following so I can complete assignment: Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, geared toward teaching a group of junior high school students in your community about the role of law enforcement in the juvenile justice system. Your presentation must contain 7-10 slides and include speaker's notes t

The Death Penalty

Resources: profiling fact sheet.pdf In your opinion, are minorities overrepresented on

Socialization and Criminal Behavior

I need help getting started. Locate from, a criminal from one of the following links: Serial Killers, Notorious Murder Cases, Gangsters and Outlaws, The Criminal Mind, or Terrorists, Spies and Assassins. Read the biography of your chosen criminal. Discuss the link between socialization references in the

Fourth Amendment vs. Polcie Power

Please help me so I can complete the following: Assume the role of any modern United States senator in a 1050-1400 word letter. Direct the letter to the Congress of the United States. Defend the use of the exclusionary rule. In the letter: Define the scope and limitations of the Fourth Amendment. Explain what you think sh

Excessive Use of Force

Take a stand on this controversial topic: Develop a persuasive argument as to whether or not excessive force is a systematic problem. Argue one of these viewpoints: Excessive use of force is a systematic problem. Excessive use of force is not a systematic problem. Identify and incorporate statistics on police brutality from D

At Risk Behaviors for Youth

I am taken a Juvenile Justice course and have chosen to work with the targeted group "Gangs" in the juvenile Justice System. I need to write a profile of behaviors and circumstances that are, or could be, considered at risk for this group. I then have to develop a handout to be distributed to schools, parents, and social workers

Technology in the Courtroom

Review the Courtroom 21 Web site at Examine the Company Info and Participating Companies and Technology sections. Post your response to these questions: Based on your review of the Courtroom 21 Project, in what ways could technology help or impede the criminal justice process? If you were a crimin

Media-Based Anti Crime Efforts

Review the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign Web site at Spend some time examining the print, television, and Internet public service announcements. Review Court TV's Choices and Consequences public service initiative at Explore the About Us pag

The Media, Crime, and Violence

Visit the Smoking Gun Web site at Locate the interrogation notes of Lee Harvey Oswald and the manual found in the possession of a supporter of Osama bin Laden Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants. Provide a 50-word response to each of these questions: 1. Should the documents you foun