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Urban Gants

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Briefly describe the evolution of urban gangs in the United States. How does this relate to juvenile crime?

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The evolution of urban gangs in the United States and how it correlates to the juvenile crime problems that currently exist in today's society.

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Many see the evolution of gangs as a natural process due to social injustice and wealthy not being proportioned evenly among citizens. The lower the income of an area and the standards of living, the more likely the presence of gang systems. In large cities, it is usually wealthy who have all the control and power and because of this, the poor feel helpless and as a result of their feeling helpless and not a part of their community, the poor people started taking actions to get them noticed. Gangs often provide a sense of community and feeling that members don't get elsewhere. Gangs vary in size but usually involve members of ages ranging between 7 and 23. Once someone is recruited into a ...

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