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    Youth, Crime and Society

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    This problem addresses an organized crime gang hidden within a Nebraska busy society, but identified and investigated by a proactive police department. Posing as a gun runner an undercover agent infiltrated the gang and with the help of being "wired" brought the investigation to a successful conclusion.

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    WELCOME, again! I hope this information will assist you in completing your assignment. The crime itself was taken from an article at CBS2Chicago.com. The remainder is taken from the facts of the case, then a provision of how the decisions may have been made and the techniques that could have been involved. Of course the name of the agent would not be revealed.

    OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 4, 2010.

    "According to the Justice Department, 27,000 gangs with 788,000 members operate in this country" (http://m.cbs2chicago.com/site?sid=wbbm&pid=National.article.detail&storyId=6743838).

    A white supremacist gang that hung out in Omaha, Nebraska, was infiltrated by an ATF agent which led to the arrest and conviction of the gang members and the combined sentence of 147 years of these members.
    According to the agent, these men were much more interested in the "color of money" (ATF Agent) than the "pure white race" (id) for which they claimed to stand. The whole gang had been in federal prison which has become a "breeding ground" (id) for white supremacists. Their leader had been found guilty of felonies three times.
    The agent got involved with this gang by posing as a gun runner. The criminal activities in which they had been involved included "robberies, burglaries, drug sales, firearms, and arms trafficking" (id). According to ...

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    This story of a youth gang in Nebraska gives an example of how and why a gang is infiltrated and who were caught in a sting which resulted in their successful prosecution. Additionally, different investigative techniques, using proper procedures, are suggested.