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    Children & the Law

    Criminal Justice System

    1. Should status offenders and juvenile delinquents be treated alike by the justice system? 2. Why are males more delinquent than females? Is it a matter of lifestyle, culture or physical properties? 3. Should there be mandatory incarceration for chronic juvenile offenders?

    Criminal Justice and victimization issues are noted.

    Older citizens report less victimization than teens. What reasons could help account for such a wide disparity in victimization? Explain. Discuss some reasons why youths engage in high risk behaviors. Are juveniles rational actors who weigh the costs and benefits of their actions, or are they more impulsive and easily swayed

    Probation Juveniles

    Find two juvenile boot camps and aftercare programs on the internet and write a paper on the following: 1. Write a paper comparing and contrasting each program, Including the following elements. 2. A detailed description of each program (including the website) 3. Goals, successes, and failures of each program. 4. A conclus

    Parental Rights

    I need some research on parental rights so I can write a paper and do a power point presentation. This is our "Hot Topic" in class so please help with the following. Provide information and an outline with information about parental right. E.g. parent rights of school children..

    Elements and effects of drug courts are included.

    Drug courts are a relatively new phenomenon in the American judicial system. Define and discuss briefly the philosophy, role, and short history of drug courts. How successful have they been in reducing recidivism rates? Would you recommend that all of the states utilize these courts to assist in processing drug cases?

    Children - Colorado laws

    Please provide a brief explanation of laws or a link where I can find the laws: 1. Research Colorado laws governing confidentiality, privileged communication, and the right to privacy in relation to children.

    Auditing and the IRS

    A client is being audited by the IRS. This client has executed a power of attorney for you to represent him/her. Do you bring your client with you to the audit? Why or why not?