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    Police Force Deviance

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    Resource: http://www.lacity.org/oig/rirprpt.pdf

    1) Identify two forms of police deviance cited in the Rampart Independent Review, found in the link above. Begin your search in the Table of Contents of this review found on page 39 of 258 of the PDF document.

    2) Search the internet for at least two additional sources that cite instances similar to the forms of deviance you have identified.

    3) Answer the following questions: What reasons might be behind the deviance cited in the Rampart Review? Why was it allowed to flourish? What methods are recommended to correct these forms of deviance?

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    1) Two forms of police deviance found in the Rampart Review are as follows. The first deviance is one in which the police officer himself commits the crime like a common criminal because of his knowledge of the area and his access to arm and ammunition. The example from the Rampart Review is that of a bank robbery carried out by LAPD officer David Mack. In this case, the officer and some other accomplices robbed a branch of the Bank of America located at 985 Jefferson Boulevard. The officer was indicted and convicted of federal bank robbery charges. The second deviance found in the Rampart Review is the case of Officer Brain Hewitt who used excessive force against one man detained for parole violations. The detained man was choked and beaten up till he vomited blood. There were other officers with Hewitt who did not report on the incident and the victim was released without giving him medical treatment.

    2) Let us take two other sources that give police deviance. New York City Detective Frank Serpico testified that only 100,000 out of US's 1 million cops are hones. .The same document mentions that there are 290,000 prison rapes every year and this spreads AIDS throughout the country(Lee, J 2000). Another source that mentions different types of police deviances lists police gratuity, police shakedowns, perjury, ...

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    Different forms of police deivance are examined. In addition, the reasons behind police deivance are explored. Finally, suggerstions are provided to reduce police deivance.