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    Juvenile Justice Policy changes: Then and Now

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    Now that you understand the historical background of the juvenille justice system, consider issues facing the juvenille court system today, and appraise the efficacy of juvenille justice policy in our modern society. What are the major differences? Do you feel policies in the past were more effective than current policy? Support your answer with examples.

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    Past policies on Juvenile Justice were made with the goal of rehabilitating the youth and putting them back into society as full healthy functioning adults. Past policy did not see children as capable of having the mind set to intentionally commit violent acts and as their minds were seen as underdeveloped, they were not punished in the same way as a full functioning adult. Therefore, they were put into a different criminal system, in juvenile hall and not into prisons or adult jails and were given education and counseling until they were well enough to go back out into ...

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