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    Other Conflicts

    White Man's Burden

    Please help answering the following three questions about the Kipling poem, "White Man's Burden": According to Kipling, and in your own words, what was the "White Man's Burden"? What reward did Kipling suggest the "White Man" gets for carrying his "burden"? Who did Kipling think would read his poem? What do you think that

    Natives Americans and the Dawes Act

    Alice Fletcher was a pioneer ethnologist and leader in the movement to bring Native Americans into the mainstream of white society. Why does Alice see the Dawes Act as the "Magna Carta" for the Native Americans? How do Native Americans accept the Dawes Act? What are their primary issues or complaints concerning the act and what

    Trends in Juvenile Delinquency

    Describe a trend in juvenile delinquency and analyze the impact of the work being done by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Analyze the impact of various programs, laws, and movements that led to the modern juvenile justice system. Explain and link the philosophy of parens patriae to the early juvenile

    Juvenile Delinquency and prevention

    According to OJJDP, 60 percent of all adolescents who become part of the juvenile justice system before they are 11 years old are likely to commit a violent crime by the time they are 16. Do you think this is because our juvenile justice system is more aligned toward punishment than rehabilitation? Why? Do you think promoting

    Extent of delinquency using arrest data

    Write in third person Describe the extent of delinquency using arrest data. Explain how juvenile waivers are used to control delinquency. Explain delinquency as presented by social process and feminist theories and discuss how these might affect juvenile treatment programs. Provide a critique of juvenile crime vis-à-vis t

    Female juvenile offenders

    "Young females are far less likely than males to violate law." Do you agree with this statement? Why? With the increasing proportion of juvenile female arrests, do you think that the needs of female delinquents can be met by the same programs that serve males? If yes, why? If not, what do you think can help in the treatment o

    Myths In Criminal Justice System: Anomie Strain Theory

    Did the Simpson case shape any myths about the criminal justice system in the community? How? Are there any effective measures to dispel myths prevalent in society about the criminal justice system and to ensure that these myths do not influence our criminal justice polices? What are some of the myth reality challenges that th


    Was due process followed in the Simpson trial? What myths surround the due-process model? Why did the Simpson trial gain so much media and community attention? Did the myths prevalent about the criminal justice system contribute to the popularity of this case? What myths prevail in society about the Simpson case? Why? Did Simp

    Juvenile Delinquency Rates and Modern Social Conditions

    Describe the extent of juvenile delinquency in contemporary America. Describe the relationship between juvenile delinquency rates and modern social conditions, such as poverty, and juvenile crime rates. Explain how these relationships can be addressed to decrease juvenile crime rates. Described the measures that can be taken

    Juvenile Delinquency: Perspective, School Role, Extent, Philosophies

    Discussed how people perspective towards juvenile delinquency and school violence changed during the years. Explained whether parents and school management play a suitable role to control increasing school violence. Explained whether the juvenile courts are doing enough to change the treatment of juveniles in the justice sys

    Juvenile vs. Adult Criminal Processing

    "Juveniles are developmentally different from adults and more responsive to rehabilitation efforts." Do you agree with this statement? If yes, how are juveniles developmentally different from adults? Why are they more responsive to rehabilitation efforts? Does juvenile processing differ from adult processing? What do you thin

    Child Saver's Movement

    Prior to the 19th century, children were generally viewed as "small adults" and treated accordingly. Adult punishments for children eventually changed with the "child saving movement." How did the prevailing social conditions influence the child saving movement, and why? What other alternatives could have been proposed t

    Juvenile Systems: Punitive or Rehabilitative?

    Read the following: Myths and Misconceptions About Juvenile Crime and Policies Juveniles and You (JAY) is a not-for-profit organization that operates the following programs in Florida: A drug-diversion program for juveniles who have been arrested for entry-level drug use but will be treated within the community. A statu

    The criminal injustice system

    Which theoretical view best explains the realities of the case based upon your findings? Should John be prosecuted using due process, crime control, the systems, or any other theoretical approach? Considering that the case has diversity issues as well as oppressive overtones, which approach will ensure justice for the victim's p

    Immigration and Civil War Inevitability

    1. How did immigration patterns in the nineteenth century impact the development of United States society and economy? 2. Historians argue about the impact of the slave economy on the South before the Civil War. What options, if any, did the republic have during the first half of the nineteenth century to avoid Civil War?

    Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, and Counterculture movement

    Hello, I need your help again answering questions surrounding the Cold War and and the Civil Rights Movement. There is no certain word count as I need help making my answers complete to 10 questions and they are below: 1. Explain the causes of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, and discuss some o

    Public misconceptions about child sexual abuse

    The conflict approach to crime suggests that crime is a power struggle between the haves and the have-nots. Generally, conflict theorists argue that the law and the system of enforcing it exist to serve the purpose of the social elite, namely maintaining their position of social, moral, and economic dominance in society. Other a

    The Cold War Origins and the Korean War

    Explain how the situation in Europe immediately following the fall of Germany led directly to the Cold War. In your opinion, should the Western Allies have acted to oppose Soviet domination of Eastern Europe? Why has the Korean War often been called America's "forgotten war"? What purpose did the war serve, and what impact di

    Parole Violation Exercise

    Probation officer Nichols is in charge of Jim. Jim was sentenced to three years of imprisonment for drug trafficking. However, because Jim had no past records of criminal activity, he was granted probation. He also had an excellent work record. The terms of his probation were specific. He was to live within a restricted area, wa

    Effective police recruitment measures

    Many law enforcement agencies are facing an increasingly problematic shortage of police officers due to management difficulties that have been worsened by the existing police subculture, politics, power struggles, and organizational conflicts. Problems at the CVPD You are a recruitment officer at the Centervale Police Depart

    Police Deception, Blessing or Hindrance

    You have just been named the chief and the mayor has told you that your first priority is to clean up this district - both the officers and the crime rate. What is your plan? Can any of the theories we have learned be applied to the community or do they all only apply to police? For more information, please view the

    Ethics of Terrorist Trials and Classification

    America has always prided themselves as a nation of laws and justice. Those concepts have been put to the test in recent years since the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorist attempts on American targets within the borders of the United States. A major controversy has arisen as to how t

    Maj General Zachary Taylor at Buena Vista

    I need to write around 4 principles of mission command which are: Lead, Understand, Visualize describe and assess. Need to explain how he followed those principles during that battle.

    European settlement

    Briefly discuss the history of how Native Americans have been treated by dominant groups in the United States since European settlement. How does this history relate to the way that certain Native American groups have protested Columbus Day? Do you think the mayor should support the request of the Native American group? Why or

    Apologizing for Covert Warfare

    Should the US apologize to foreign nations, enemy and ally, for intercepting communications, or has history given appropriate reason to take such action?

    WWII: A Few Key Allied Effects and Successes

    Present a unified analysis of the Military Experience on the War in Europe between 1944-1945. That emphasizes on the American position, the results of the campaign, and overall success for the Allies. That also includes the discussion of the following: Battle of the Atlantic (1939, onward) American bombing raids Soviet troo